Friday, 2 October 2015

Beauty in Autumn

Autumn is definitely my favourite time for beauty: I love the darker lips, darker nails and the abundance of gold on the eyes. To be completely honest I wear makeup like this all year round but it feels especially exciting in autumn. I think it may be the fact that these colours seem cosier to me and cosy is such an autumn theme. I'm thinking blankets, steamy cups of tea and the fire on (something we lack in this house sadly).
Two of my favourite nail polishes at the moment have been Black Cherries by Rimmel and Bewitching by Revlon, they are both really autumnal colours with the former being a slightly shimmery deep purple (almost black in some lights) and the latter being more of a berry toned red.

Recently, I been loving the Rimmel Last Finish Nude foundation (I wear 100 ivory) because it gives really good coverage but it is still a really lightweight feeling base. This time of year finally means I can bring back one of my favourite blushes which is Pomegranate by Sleek, it is such a gorgeous shimmery berry colour and I wish I could wear it everyday but it tends to look better when my skin is at its palest (aka the colder months).

About a month ago I picked up this palette from Maybelline called The Nudes and it is basically all I have used since (you can see how well loved it is by how ridiculously dirty it is). I love the bright gold shade (three along on the bottom) especially when paired with the darker golden shade on the outer half of my lid (four along on the top row). The second to last shade on the bottom row is a beautiful champagne gold colour (not coming out too well in the photo) which I have been using to highlight my brow bone and inner corner. I have even used it for a cheek highlighter on days when I have been too lazy to get a separate one.

Finally in terms of lips I have so much choice as most of my lip products seem to be reds of some sort. For autumn this year I am really looking forward to using the Revlon Colourstay Moiusture Stain in New York Scene as it is a gorgeous, slightly brown toned red. However, it isn't a product for when you are in a rush because I find that application can be a bit messy and take a little more time. I of course will also be wearing my two favourite lip products ever the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 and the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 (I wish these products had colour names, numbers aren't as fun).

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

One second summer

So this summer I decided to undertake the, surprisingly hard, challenge of taking a one second snapshot of every single one of my days. I wanted to do it because at the start of the summer I was looking ahead to three months of working a full time job in a fast food restaurant with no holidays abroad or exciting trips planned, however I knew that there would be plenty of days where I had a great time. I wanted to remember these moments. Now the actual practicalities of filming just a second of each day is what I found hard, often the activity for the day had ended and everyone left before I even thought to take out my phone to capture it (maybe shows I was actually having an amazing time as I wasn't thinking about my phone). Some days I did enough to capture 5 or 6 different exciting seconds whilst other days I came home from work and ate chocolate in my pyjamas for a couple of hours (hardly video worthy). For these reasons there are a few days in the video that are skipped over as I didn't have a video but I love this video despite that because watching it back it really does show me that it is the little moments that count: the great bath bomb, the laughter whilst playing board games with your friends or the smell of your dad's incredible cooking (soppy alert!). 
I think I might try to start this project again in January and try to capture every single day of 2016 because that would be an awesome memory to keep and who am I kidding I'm a sucker for a memory project (I'm looking at you half finished scrapbooks - we'll see if I can finish this project).

Note: Yes July 5th is a clip of me watching Jayden and Willow Smith at Wireless Festival and yes they were honestly incredible.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

University details: Year two

details: duvet cover & centre cushion from dunelm mill, animal cushions were presents.

I did a post similar to this one last year where I showed you some details from my halls accommodation, well second year has now started and so I've moved into a house with three of my friends. My room is 100% complete yet because I still need a trip to Ikea to get a bedside lamp and some makeup storage but I'm really happy with how it looks at the moment.
Obviously the most exciting part is that for the first time in my life I have a double bed (perfect for falling asleep with my laptop open next to me). I loved the idea of having a grey/mustard yellow theme to my room even though it clashes somewhat with the awful cream/off white walls. I also have the cosiest grey throw at the end of my bed but the room is too small to capture the entire bed.
I also love waking up and seeing this motivational poster on the wall (see above), I would have liked something that matched my bedspread more but it was the only poster I could find that I liked and I just needed to cover the dirty wall marks (really selling student houses to you aren't I).
Overall I think my room has turned out as well as it could have bearing in mind I'm renting a cheap student housing. I really can't wait until I can decorate my own house!

details: candle from primark, serum from kiehls, books are animal farm and N-W.
details: photo strip from urban outfitters, photobooth pictures taken in mesmerist and snooper's paradise.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bridging the seasons

wearing: dress from new look, cardigan from h&m, hat from miss selfridge, bag from lanzarote.
 The first week or so of September has been somewhat of an Indian summer with temperatures I can get my legs out to. However, I think this has been simply a small make up for a August in which I strolled out of the house with bare legs precisely once and even that outfit was accessorised with a waterproof coat. I took the opportunity of warm-ish weather to wear a this swing dress from New Look (mainly because I know within two weeks I will have to be whipping the tights out to utilise the dress- Britain eh). I love the shape of the dress, especially the mock neckline which seems to be ever increasingly creeping into my A/W15 wardrobe (they just go with everything) so I know I will be getting my money's worth.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

It's sweater weather

wearing: jumper from sainsburys, jeans from topshop, hat from miss selfridge, boots from river island, backpack from lanzarote.
Extremely rainy day = photoshoot in a multi-storey carpark right? August had some of the worst weather for a while so this summer I barely made in into my skirts and shorts and August was all about jumpers (a sad fact about English weather). Having said this though I'm so excited for autumn this year because turtlenecks and mustard yellow and pussybow blouses.
The carpark surprisingly made for a rather good location although we did have to avoid cars driving around the system (fashion is danger though huh?). I'm trying to get a few shoots in with my sister before she goes on a late summer holiday and I go back to Brighton in the next few weeks because having a photographer makes for much easier/better shoots.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Songs to send you back to school

So August is over and so that means school and university are coming up fast. Personally, I have two weeks before I move into my new house in Brighton ready to start my second year at Sussex University. With this change comes stress, studying and socialising. Therefore I've sort of tailored my August playlist to have a few songs for each of these situations. There are some beautiful and calm songs including ones by Tallest Man On Earth and Michael Moffit (of AsapScience fame), a 25+ minute track for every mood and some more upbeat songs for getting the party started.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Autumn wardrobe wants

fall wants

Here in the UK it appears that summer may be fading into Autumn very soon because the warm days are becoming increasingly rare (they were limited to begin with though). It's OK though because for the first time ever I'm actually embracing the shorter days with open arms. Maybe it is because I'm longing to get back to Brighton and all it's charm (and university I guess) or that I'm really into jumpers and sweatshirts at the moment so this weather change will give me an excuse to buy a huge pile of them. Whatever it is that is making me long Autumn cosiness, I am starting to compile a fashion wish list for the F/W season. I mean a few of the items in this list are way out of my student budget price range but a girl can dream can't she. I've been absolutely head over heels for Acne Studios and Helmut Lang at the moment so they have both made an appearance here (as of course has my favourite Topshop). I hope I can give you inspiration for the next few months or, and I apologise for this, make you want designer clothes you can't afford.