Saturday, 21 July 2012


pictures taken by my friends and my friends parents
As a finished year 11 (tenth grade in America) I got to have a prom and the pictures above are the result of that. I'm the one in the long pink, sparkly dress. I'm the really tall one. My friends are all quite short and my heels were 4 1/2 inches (9cm) so I was over 6 foot in them. Prom overall was a really good night and it was the one day in the week when it didn't rain. I danced til quite late then we went home and got in my friends hot tub at 2am. 

My dress was actually a steal. I had my heart set on a long dress (fairy tale/Taylor Swift esque) and this was the the first dress I saw (I did like it the most as well). It cost me £50 from TK Maxx but was originally £200 so I was happy with the bargain. The bag was from New Look and my pearls were my grandmas.

I hope you are all enjoying you summer or if you live in the UK (like me) and aren't in year 11 or 13 are happy that your summer has started now. I have just been invited short notice to a week long surfing trip in Cornwall starting this Sunday so hopefully you will see pictures of that when I get back. Also, I really want to do some outfit posts but I am lacking a camera at the moment as mine has recently broken. Hopefully I will get a new, decent camera soon so I can document my looks for you.

Katy xx


  1. U look really pretty :)