Sunday, 26 August 2012


So I know this is a bit late but I just found the camera cord so I thought I would show you some pictures from the Olympics.

 We started the day in Hyde Park where we watched the men's triathalon. We watched the bike section by the edge of the road and after that was finished we walked down to watch Team GB win gold and bronze on the big screen. It was great to see so many people cheering on their own country.

After that we headed to the Olympic park and walked around for a bit, enjoying the landmarks (including the weird and wonderful Coke beatbox building [see above] and all of the stadiums). There was a great sense of frivolity the whole day and many people were dancing and singing all around the park.

By 7pm it was time for us to take our seats in the massive Olympic stadium to watch the night's selection of athletics which included the women's 100m hurdle final and the mens 1500m final. The thing that amazed me most about the stadium was not the size or the noise but the sense of collectedness I felt. Whether you were supporting the Armenian team or the  Zimbabwe team, everyone cheered each competitor and celebrated with the winners.
My favourite moment was when a team GB member won the bronze in the men's high jump. The whole stadium literally went crazy and the cheering lasted for about 10 minutes. It will be a moment I will never forget.

Katy xx

PS. Sorry about the lack of outfit posts recently but I have one ready and waiting so be patient. All in good time!

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