Sunday, 12 August 2012


wearing: denim shirt from topshop, cross shirt from new look, skirt (with belt) from primark, stag necklace  from sister, cross ring from topshop, leaf ring from new look, cat bag from market.
Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of posts but I have been at the Olympics and on holiday for a week so I couldn't post but I am back but I have definitely left my voice in that festival field because I can barely speak now. This outfit is from before I left and the idea behind it was just a really slouchy look because I was in a very lazy mood. This skirt is one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment because it is suitable for all weathers and when you live in England that is important. I also rediscovered this bag that I have had in the back of my wardrobe for about a year and I finally pulled it out and I realised I loved it.

Anyway, pictures from the Olympics and Soul Survivor will be up in the following days so look out for that. Also, next weekend I am going to London to go to a Youtube festival so there will probably be lots of pictures of that too!

Katy xxx

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