Thursday, 30 August 2012


wearing: t-shirt from friend, jeans from river island, socks from tesco, boots from new look, gold ring from topshop, black and silver ring from market, rucksack from primark.

This outfit was a very spur of the moment, sort of laid back outfit but I really liked it so I thought  should share it with you guys. I bought these boots last week to usher me gently into the autumn season because I much prefer summer. I'm not that big a fan of layering and I hate wearing massive coats. Anyway I think these cute Chelsea boots might soften the blow a little bit.
Also I don't know if you noticed but this is my first outfit post where I am wearing my hair down. I don't tend to wear it down a lot because it is horribly frizzy and gets in my way too much. I have really liked how it looks at the moment though so I am trying to wear it down loads before the good spell ends.

In other news I am heading for Paris with my mum very early tomorrow morning. I'm really excited because although I guess I live relatively close to France I have never actually been there except to ski. I will hopefully be able to take some pictures while I'm there and I will blog about it when I get back.

Katy xx

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  1. I love the rucksack! :) Have fun in Paris! I love Paris so much; I used to live there so it really feels like home to me. xx