Sunday, 12 August 2012

SURFING USA (except it was Cornwall, England)

Two posts in one day, that is unheard of but I just realised that I promised I would share with you some pictures from when I went surfing in Polzeath, Cornwall. There aren't actually any pictures of me surfing because we couldn't take the camera into the water but I think I was pretty good for a first time surfer. I got up on the board loads of times and I only managed to hit a few little children.

Our campsite was right by the beach on a cliff and out tent spot was thew closest to the cliff edge. This allowed for some great views, especially at sunset. We also have Union Jack bunting on our tent to mark our support for Team GB at the Olympics.

Here are some group shots which only serve to show how pasty I was compared to everyone else. It wasn't for lack of trying that I wasn't tanned. I just don't tan.

This was the day when we decided (rather stupidly) to walk around the headland to the next bay along but instead of walking over the top on the land we decided to walk in the sea. This would have been great had it not been really slippery on the rocks and if the waves weren't quite as strong. At one moment I got caught of uard and went flying under the water shorts in hand. I then had to go around all day with my shorts soaking wet.

One day we hired out 3 tandems (double bikes) and 2 single bikes and we headed out along the river trail. The ride was really fun and we laughed a lot as the tandems were really hard to control so we cycled into bushes and trees several times.

These are just some general shots of us playing about in the sea which we did the majority of the time.

Overall, the week was loads of fun and I learnt how to surf without hurting other people. It was around 30 degrees (Celsius) everyday so it was a welcome break for the 4 straight weeks of rain we had.

Katy xx

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