Monday, 24 September 2012

ELLE- 1952

There was one thing I neglected to show you from my trip to Paris, the 1952 French Elle I bought on one of the artist stalls by the river. I obviously can't read a word of what it says but it is awesome just to look at the pictures and to see the amazing dresses and coats that fill the pages. It was the issue showing the new age dresses because fabric rationing had just ended. People were so shocked that you could wear floor length dresses with plenty of ruffle without having to scrounge for practically a year. It is so hard to think that people were so restricted by how much fabric they could buy that clothes were often made from tablecloths and curtains. We live in such a consumerist society today that we can practically buy as much as we want and internet shopping has made that so much easier.

Katy xx


  1. Amazing photos!