Wednesday, 10 October 2012


galactic black by kferenczy

gothic icecream by kferenczy

monochrome print by kferenczy

whipped cream delight by kferenczy

I have recently discovered Polyvore and my life is now complete! It is so easy to style, budget-free, and get loads of inspirations for real life outfits. It does, however, extend my wishlist 10-fold so it is definitely not good for my bank balance. As you can see by my most recent styles I am really craving sheer shirts at the moment. I only actually have one (as seen in 'the scientist') and I would like to collect a few more of them since they are wardrobe essentials. If you haven't guessed the title of this post is a play on words from She's a maniac, maniac on the floor.
Also, I ordered my provisional license today so when it arrives I can begin my driving lessons. I am so excited!! It is only 4 days til my birthday which means I am inching ever closer to being able to buy my DSLR camera which I have been wanting since I started this blog. Hope you have happy days!

Katy xx

PS. Follow me on Polyvore for frequent outfits, kferenczy.