Saturday, 23 February 2013


wearing: tshirt from topshop, skirt and boots from new look, cardigan stolen from sister.
This is the second of the outfits I styled while staying at my sister's in Cardiff. I went for a really casual look because we were shopping all day but I love how oversized this cardigan is. It even peeks out from the bottom of my coat. We took these pictures in the arcades in Cardiff which are little 'inbetween' streets that are beautiful and house the most interesting shops. This bookshop was amazing as it felt like stepping into another world. I ended up buying a Spiderman comic from the upstairs old comic section and I also bought The Virgin Suicides which I have wanted to read for a while.
I hope you are enjoying me actually updating fairly regularly and I hope to continue this. I still have a few more looks from Cardiff and I have some other looks planned for the coming week. In other news, I going to see 1D tomorrow which is really exciting. I saw them in January last year but I am still just as excited to see them again. I also just bought tickets to go see Beyonce in May which is super crazy as she is like my queen. I can't wait.

Katy xx

Monday, 18 February 2013


wearing: jeans, beanie and cardigan from primark, shirt from charity shop, boots from new look

This shoot came together through several lucky moments. That morning I decided on a slightly grungy look so I put on this men's shirt I found at a charity shop a while ago. Then, because it was cold and it worked with the outfit, I put on my men's beanie (I'm wearing so many men's clothes oh well). My sister and I happened upon this derelict building while we were walking around Cardiff bay and we agreed it would be a great place for some pictures to be taken. I'm really happy with the results and I think my outfit works perfectly with the roughness of the background.
In other news I am enjoying my half term by staying with my sister at her uni in Cardiff. It is so great to have her around to take pictures for me as a home I usually have to struggle to do it myself (so expect some more outfits stored up for when I go home). We went to the Doctor Who experience yesterday (it is filmed in Cardiff) and the are lots of pictures of us with the weird and wonderful monster costumes so expect them soon.

Katy xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


wearing : coat from h! by henry holland, jeans and beanie from primark, boots from new look

My friend Holly has a thing for taking disposable cameras everywhere she goes, which allows for a constant documentation of my life in a grainy '90's' finish. She recently developed her camera from our single snow day in mid January and I really loved the pictures so I thought I would share them with you. I love the purple or blue tinges to the photos and these really remind me that film is actually better.
I had a great time playing in the snow as it is very rare here in the south of England, however that does mean that whenever it graces us with its presence we usually get the day off school to frolic around the town (frolic is my word of the week haha).

Katy xx