Monday, 18 March 2013


wearing: shirt from h&m, skirt from romwe, shoes from new look.
This is my last look from Cardiff. This is my favourite look because it combines two of the coolest items. I am so into velvet at the moment because here in the UK the autumn trends tend to extend way into April and May due to the lack of warm weather and over eager rain. For the shoot my sister too me to the back streets of Cardiff and to the best graffiti spots around the city. There were so many great places to take pictures within a mile radius of her uni house. I especially love the bunny graffiti which reads 'Reality is a prison' because of the way it can be so profound yet still be kooky and bright.
I only have two weeks left until Easter holidays which unfortunately will not be a welcome break since I have so much studying to do before my final exams but I love Easter and everything related to it so I am so excited. I never say no to indulging in as much chocolate as humanely possible (this happens to be a feature of all holidays for me!)

Katy xx

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Just some random shots of Cardiff, from when I went to visit my sister (there is still one outfit post to go and it is the best yet!) I had loads of fun being there and I really loved the city. It just have such beautiful buildings accompanied by a welcoming vibe.
I had a complete overhaul of my room over the past week and I have finished covering my walls in posters and memories so I may do a interior post soon. I have also finally ordered and tidied my clothes/makeup collections which really excites me as these are two of the things I love the most!!

Katy xx

Friday, 1 March 2013


wearing: top from miss selfridge, cardigan from river island, jeans from primark, boots and hair band from new look,
coat from h! by henry holland at debenhams.

This is my third outfit from my recent trip to Cardiff. This day it was really sunny and it felt like the beginnings of spring so I chose this outfit to suit that. The dark colours make it unusual for spring but I really think it works. I love this peplum top because it has such a beautiful chandelier print on it which makes it such a gorgeous statement piece.
I went back to school this week which is starting to get stressful as I have realised I now only have 3 months to my AS Level exams. This scares me somewhat as I feel that I am nowhere near ready. I hope you are having a better time, work wise, than I am.

Katy xx