Tuesday, 30 April 2013


wearing: tshirt from h&m, skirt from romwe, tights from m&s, shoes from primark, sunglasses c/o youtube.

FINALLY, a new outfit post. It has only taken me over a month to get my act together but I'm super happy with the results. It is the first time I have shot on my own with a tripod and it was so good (I think the heat helped). This t-shirt is one of those clothes items that you never ever get bored of. I have had it for over two years and it is still my go to shirt when I don't know what else to wear. It is just so simple, yet exactly my personality. As for this skirt, it is such good quality and it was the first ever item I bought from romwe.com. If you haven't heard of this website (you probably have as every fashion blogger shops there), then you should really go check it out!
I'm so excited about the sun we are having here in the UK. I'm still not brave enough to bare my pale legs but the time will come. In the mean time I'm just enjoying being able to go through my collection of sunglasses in the morning and pick a pair that matches my outfit.

Katy xx

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Monday, 22 April 2013


1 & 2: Selfies with friends.
1: With my friend Holly at a party.
2: With my friend Harriet before a birthday meal.

3,4 & 5:  Fun at the park.
3: Attempting the dangerous double person zipwire, with dire consequences.
4 & 5: Swinging to our hearts content.

6: Posing with an Ood at the Doctor Who exhibit in Cardiff.

7: Dinner out with my beautiful friends.

8: Before going out on town with my sister (she's older, I'm taller!)

Just a few photos from the past month or so in my life. I have a few outfit posts lined up and maybe even a room tour as I spent a good weekend clearing out the bombshell that was my bedroom. A gold star for you if you get the title as it is a quote from a great comedy show called Miranda. It is absolutely hilarious and I love it!
Sorry for being a bit useless this month but the weather has hardly permitted a photoshoot.

Katy xx

Saturday, 6 April 2013


all photos from tumblr
This post is a very aspirational post and I am hoping that spring will see it and kick itself into gear. I hate to moan and whatever but I'm bored of winter and spring should have been here weeks ago. This is the first time I remember it snowing in April here in the UK and I live right in the warm southern area so this definitely should not happen. Maybe it has something to do with winter being my least favourite season but I just want it to end already. I envy fashion bloggers from place like California and Hong Kong as they strut around tights free from February onwards whereas I am practically still shivering in my jumpers come June. I just want to wear a tea dress already (I don't even own many winter clothes (this may be why I hate it so much)). Rant over.
Anyway, these photos are just some spring orientated pictures that have inspired me for the past couple of weeks. You may recognise a face popping up a few times and that is because I had to add in a few pictures of one of my favourite teen fashion bloggers, Zoe Suen (or fashionyonmous). I have been loving her tumblr recently (l-i-lac.tumblr.com) so I grabbed a few beautiful pictures of her from there.

I hope you guys are having a great Easter holiday/spring break/whatever you have in your country.

Katy xxx