Sunday, 19 May 2013


wearing: shirt from tesco's, jeans from new look, beanie for skate slime, jacket from friend, shoes from new look

I decided to channel my urban street style with these distressed, patched boyfriend jeans which have been lurking in my wardrobe since I was 13. I have never really worn them but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to throw them. And I have finally realised I love them. I paired them with my slouchiest shirt from Tesco's (a UK supermarket) which was a complete surprise to find. I love the grey-blue colour as it is unlike anything else I own. I styled this outfit with my black wedges to make it seem a bit more dressy.
I really love trying an outfit a little out of my comfort zone and this was it. I'm really happy and I think I will be doing things like this more often!

Katy xx

Friday, 17 May 2013


wearing: top from new look, cardigan from river island, jeans from topshop, beanie from skate slime, shoes from Paris,
necklace from new look.

I bought this top a couple of days ago from the New Look on Guernsey Island when me and two of my friends took a day trip there. I really love the peachy colour of the top because it is quite unlike anything I have in my wardrobe. I really like how the peplum detail adds interest to the overall plain top.
This is just a relaxed outfit that I wore for my statistics exam today which was the second of my overall 7 exams. I have a couple more weeks of study leave and exams before I go back to school for my summer term. Right now I'm just enjoying revising in bed in my pyjamas everyday.

Katy xx

Monday, 6 May 2013


These are gorgeous pictures from which is a clothes website I have been loving at the moment. It is a LA based company that only set up last year but they have some of the prettiest and most unusual items. I especially love this lookbook because it just optimises the feel of the website and all of the clothes that are sold there.

Go check them out, there is something for everyone!

Katy xx

Thursday, 2 May 2013


wearing: cardigan from spain, top from paris, shorts homemade, shoes from primark, sunglasses from new look

This is my outfit which I donned to help me get over the Coachella induced sadness I have been feeling. I have spent the past few weeks looking at so many pictures from the festival that I could feel the western festival vibe seeping into me. I think this top from a boutique in Paris would fit perfectly into a Coachella crowd and the suede fabric makes it feel so much more expensive than it was. I made these shorts out of a pair of jeans that I had managed to rip a massive hole in (all down the left leg). They are so comfy so I think they will be my staple short for the summer. I love how they have naturally becomed frayed to given them an awesome worn in look.
I had my Spanish oral today which was really stressful but I am really happy with how I did (I managed to actually reply to all of the questions) and now I just have to worry about my other 7 exams which are coming in the next month.

Katy xx