Friday, 17 May 2013


wearing: top from new look, cardigan from river island, jeans from topshop, beanie from skate slime, shoes from Paris,
necklace from new look.

I bought this top a couple of days ago from the New Look on Guernsey Island when me and two of my friends took a day trip there. I really love the peachy colour of the top because it is quite unlike anything I have in my wardrobe. I really like how the peplum detail adds interest to the overall plain top.
This is just a relaxed outfit that I wore for my statistics exam today which was the second of my overall 7 exams. I have a couple more weeks of study leave and exams before I go back to school for my summer term. Right now I'm just enjoying revising in bed in my pyjamas everyday.

Katy xx


  1. Cute beanie and necklace!
    Good luck with those exams!
    Yinyin xxx

  2. Great oufit! Ecspesially loving the peplum top. Good luck for your exams!:)

    xx Marianne

    1. Thanks Marianne.I just can't wait til my exams are over :)

  3. nice outfits! <3 i like your pink top!

  4. Lovely outfit :) And you look charming too with your smile :D

    Come and visit my blog :)