Thursday, 2 May 2013


wearing: cardigan from spain, top from paris, shorts homemade, shoes from primark, sunglasses from new look

This is my outfit which I donned to help me get over the Coachella induced sadness I have been feeling. I have spent the past few weeks looking at so many pictures from the festival that I could feel the western festival vibe seeping into me. I think this top from a boutique in Paris would fit perfectly into a Coachella crowd and the suede fabric makes it feel so much more expensive than it was. I made these shorts out of a pair of jeans that I had managed to rip a massive hole in (all down the left leg). They are so comfy so I think they will be my staple short for the summer. I love how they have naturally becomed frayed to given them an awesome worn in look.
I had my Spanish oral today which was really stressful but I am really happy with how I did (I managed to actually reply to all of the questions) and now I just have to worry about my other 7 exams which are coming in the next month.

Katy xx


  1. Love your top!

    xx Marianne

  2. This outfit is very suitable for summer! Lovely top!