Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I have been gathering a large selection of arm candy these last few summer months. I always seem to accumulate a wristband collection from about may onwards and by September when I return to school the bands run half way up my pale arms (no matter how much I sit in the sun I never tan sigh). Then over the course of the school year they all to disappear for some reason or another (friendship bracelets falling off or elastic breaking). This actually doesn't sadden me too much because if I never lost them I would never be able to collect them again next summer as I would have no arm left. However, this year I am particularly proud of my arm jewellery and these silver rings I bought the last few days (apart from the weaved one on my ring finger which belonged to my grandma). I think this set up is to stay. 

Katy xx

(PS. Wow I like parenthesis.)


  1. I like every jewerly you got there!

    Picture Me

  2. Did you make any of those? I used to do the same thing in the summers, but now I'm too used to not having things on my wrist :P although I used to feel naked without them.