Sunday, 29 September 2013


Muto bags is this new company that are in their founding stages and they create these incredible bags that have interchangeable lids so you can customise what your bag looks like from day to day. The bags come with a standard lid (the same colour as the bag) and with a commissioned artwork (chosen from the 9 in the top picture). You can then choose your own picture to put on other lids which you can buy. They even have a lid which is created with soft chalkboard material so you can write a different message on your bag every time you use it.
I think this project is so fun and clever as it means you don't have to buy lots of different bags, you can simply buy a range of lids to match every outfit you will ever wear. The bags come in two different sizes- the larger 'The Daily Grind' and the small 'Quick Hitter' (perfect for quick trips out).
Currently these bags are still in the prototype design phase but they have an indigogo page and are trying to raise funds to make Muto bags a full blown company. 

I know as soon as they go on the market I will be buying one as they are so unique and fun.

Katy xx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


So a couple of weeks ago I made a decision to get a lot of my hair cut off and donate my ponytail to a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer, burns or alopecia (chronic hair loss). If you know me you would know that my hair has been long since I can remember and was practically waist length when I had it cut. I had 17 inches off and the change is still sinking in. I literally do not know how to style it as I am so used to just letting my hair naturally knot and wave into a crazy mane, however this obviously doesn't happen when my hair is this short.
The cut itself was terrifying as I was very attached to my own hair but the fact it was being donated to charity calmed me down somewhat. My sister and mum came to watch the hairdresser chop my ponytail off as it was quite a momentous occasion.
The charity I am donating to is called The Little Princess Charity which is mainly a UK charity. If you live in America and would like to donate your hair Locks Of Love is a good choice. The Fault In Our Stars actress Shailene Woodley donated her hair to this charity when she cut her hair off for the role of Hazel in the film.

Katy xx

Thursday, 12 September 2013


wearing: top from river island, jeans from zara, leather jacket from H&M, wedges from new look.

This outfit is a really different look for me. It is a lot more biker chic than I have ever been before as I have never owned a leather jacket (fashion shock I know). Even this one is borrowed from my sister but after wearing it I finally get the hype and will probably have to invest in one myself.
I think this outfit really channels 80's punk and 90's grunge in a sort of 2013 way (less of the wet look hair). I love these Zara jeans and I think I will have to wear them everyday for the rest of the year (no joke I will!). 
Also if you haven't noticed I have chopped off my waist length locks. It was a big change as I cut off 17 inches but I donated my ponytail to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer so it was all worth it. In any case I really love my new hair and it is so exciting as I haven't had short hair since I was about ten.

Katy xx

Monday, 9 September 2013


Hello September from kaferenczy1 on 8tracks Radio

I created this playlist on 8tracks so you can listen to a mix of my favourite songs a the moment. Have a listen and enjoy!

Katy xx

Friday, 6 September 2013


wearing: dress from charity shop, necklace was gift, shoes from primark, cardigan from new look
This dress is one of the many things I am tempted to steal from my sister's wardrobe everyday of the week. Unfortunately she returns to uni next week so I quickly borrowed it so I could actually get the chance to wear it before she leaves. It was one of her amazing finds from the charity shop and I want to wear it forever, it is just so beautiful and the cut is amazing. I need to find more swing dresses like this.
I've been back at school for two days now and it already feels like I never had a summer holidays. The only upside to September and October is that so many of my friends (and myself) are turning 18 in these months so I have a busy set of weekends at parties and meals. Just how I like it.

Katy xx

PS. My cat looks so unamused in that photo.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Wow, I'm having serious jpeg diarrhoea in this post but all the children were equally cute so I couldn't pick which ones to show you, so I just left you all of them. To give me my due I did whittle these twenty down from over a hundred so I think I deserve at least a small gold star. 
The entire week was an unforgettable experience, being able to play with kids of a totally different culture and building such relationships even though we couldn't say a word to one another (I did learn how to play duck,duck,goose in Roma though..padca,padca,goosca). The trip was so rewarding and given half a chance I would gladly go back next year.

Katy xx

Sunday, 1 September 2013


wearing: crop top from primark, skirt from topshop, hat from primark, necklace from miss selfridge
This skirt is my newest obsession. I have worn it pretty much everyday since I bought it a week ago (I have a problem with over wearing new clothes). I love the length for this time of year but the slits add a bit of excitement to the ladylike style and print. This cap was bought for my recent trip to Serbia to help at a kids camp. The temperature was 40+ degrees so I needed a hat and this is the first one I found. I can tell you it looks horrific peak-forward but I find myself wanting to skate up (my new description) every outfit by wearing it backwards.
School starts next Thursday so I am spending the next few days wading through a sea of notes I made at the end of last year that I need for this year (why did I not organise them better!?!?!). However I have lessened the blow by buying reams of neo-glittered notebooks. That is all I need in life.

Katy xx

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