Sunday, 29 September 2013


Muto bags is this new company that are in their founding stages and they create these incredible bags that have interchangeable lids so you can customise what your bag looks like from day to day. The bags come with a standard lid (the same colour as the bag) and with a commissioned artwork (chosen from the 9 in the top picture). You can then choose your own picture to put on other lids which you can buy. They even have a lid which is created with soft chalkboard material so you can write a different message on your bag every time you use it.
I think this project is so fun and clever as it means you don't have to buy lots of different bags, you can simply buy a range of lids to match every outfit you will ever wear. The bags come in two different sizes- the larger 'The Daily Grind' and the small 'Quick Hitter' (perfect for quick trips out).
Currently these bags are still in the prototype design phase but they have an indigogo page and are trying to raise funds to make Muto bags a full blown company. 

I know as soon as they go on the market I will be buying one as they are so unique and fun.

Katy xx

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