Tuesday, 26 November 2013


wearing: dress from urban outfitters, gilet from forever 21, hat from new look, shoes from h&m
 Trying to get good quality pictures when the light is very quickly fading, it is one degree and you aren't wearing a coat is harder than I imagined it to be especially when having to constantly change the ISO setting to account for the lack of light in the woods. Getting laughed at by random teenage boys doesn't help either.

Nonetheless I ventured out of my back garden for once and headed to the woods by my house. I was determined to not wear a coat in an attempt to show this jacket in its full glory as I honestly can't stop wearing it. It is so soft and cosy and since it is sleeveless it can be worn over any cardigan and it looks like a new jacket, perfect for when you can barely afford one item of outerwear like me.

Katy xx


  1. Nice post and lovely photos! I can feel you with photography problems :D Here's sooo cold!!

    Picture Me

  2. nice outfit :)