Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014.

Sorry for the photo spam but I just couldn't decide on some of my favourite moments of 2014. I have had such an amazing year with all my friends and family but I can't wait for a fresh year and fresh possibilities. Tonight I'm attempting to bring in the new year in two different towns and I may be in a club til 9am if my friends have any say in it so it is set up to be my best year ever. As of yet I have no New Year's Resolutions but I am determined that 2015 will kick ass. 
Happy New Year's everyone!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Holiday season nails

L-R: Ted Baker nail laquer in gold glitter, Revlon  nail enamel in 620 Bewitching, Rimmel lasting finish nail colour in 193 Black Cherries, Avon nailwear pro in Golden Vision.
The Christmas season is upon us and I'm feeling especially festive now that I've left uni and returned home to Bournemouth for the holiday. Being in the Christmas spirit has really got me thinking about outfits and beauty choices for the big day. In terms of nails I usually keep it quite classic with a dark red or purple polish to fit in with the winter theme but I often jazz it up a bit with either a gold glitter layered on top or a gold accent nail with the Avon polish. These are some of my favourite polishes for this time of year and I'm even thinking about painting several coats of the Ted Baker glitter to make opaque gold glitter nails for New Year's eve (you have to think ahead about these thing when you are picking which polishes to bring home for the holidays).

Thursday, 4 December 2014

November instagrams

1) I started the month with a throwback to when I last had the hair colour I have now which was back in the summer.
2) I got stuck straight into autumn by kicking up the leaves on my walk to my morning lectures.
3) I then instantly forgot autumn I guess and got all excited over some polar bear socks I found at Topshop. As you can see I've been ready for Christmas for a while.
4) If you saw my post about bonfire night you would know I went to the town of Lewes for their famous burning parade night. It didn't disappoint.

1) Another, rather more colourful, shot of bonfire night in Lewes.
2) I went home for a weekend in the middle of November and I was so excited about finally being able to have a bath again that I bought loads of Lush products. This is northern lights in action.
3) Despite never being away from the sea for more than a couple of weeks I will never get tired of the sight of the ocean in brilliant sunshine (winter or summer sun).
4) I got dug into the Brighton Christmas markets and had the first crepe of the season. I was pretty boring and just had Nutella but I'm a traditionalist.
5) Brighton has some of the best Christmas lights I've seen in a while.
6) Me and my friends got very excited over all the sparkles in the Christmas section of Harrods on our winter trip to London.
7) I couldn't resist going ice skating with my flatmates at the open air Pavilion rink.
8) Hot chocolates are a must this time of year and yes I know people say I'm crazy for not having whipped cream but ew I will not succumb to its horrible taste.
9) A shot mid ice skating (well I was actually standing still). Despite going ice skating most years I can just never get the hang of it properly so I have finally resigned myself to just looking like Bambi in that famous scene with legs and arms everywhere. It won't stop me trying though!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Generosity // December motivation

Recently I've been thinking a lot about generosity. I know what you are thinking..'really generosity, christmas, giving presents, not very original really' but hear me out. Yes while December and the festive season is full of generous present giving that is not the generosity I want to focus on this month. I want to be more generous with my time and talents.
I think doing little generous acts each day can really help out the other people around you while lifting your spirits in the knowledge you are making someone's life easier even just in a small way. Everyone can give their time. Whether it is helping your friend with their homework if you are still at school or cooking dinner for you stressed out flatmate as she struggles to finish her uni essay. The possibilities are endless.
For example my Mum often has to make powerpoints for various reasons and she hasn't really got the hang of the programme so whenever I'm around and she needs my help I will sit down with her for about half an hour and make it for her while attempting to teach her along the way. It's only a small fraction of the time in my day used but it allows her to focus on her more important work.

So in December I am going to try do at least one generous thing each day just to spread a little bit of joy to everyone and I challenge you all to do the same. Isn't that part of what Christmas is about anyway, JOY?

Friday, 28 November 2014

Brighton: A beginners guide

I've been living in Brighton for the last three months now and I feel like I have got to know so many of the amazing things that go on in this city so I thought I would share some of my favourite things to do/buy/eat/see in Brighton to aid you if you ever find yourself in Brighton and what to know where to go.


Of course we have to start with shopping as being me where else would I think to begin. Shopping is incredible in Brighton and there are more interesting independent shops than I have ever encountered in my life.
Snooper's paradise - This is a junk/secondhand shop in North Laine that is absolutely huge. It is a treasure trove for everything from clothes to records to books to random trinkets that no one could ever really have a use for. You can even buy a full suit of armour! One of my favourite things about the shop is that they have an old Photomatic machine and I take all my friends there when they visit to get photobooth pictures.
Edited - This is a beautiful homeware shop also in North Laine where everything is colour blocked and I want to buy the entire shop. Believe me if I had the funds I would buy everything.
Pen to paper - I have a slight obsession over stationary and if you do too then this shop is the place to go . They stock an amazing array of notebooks and pens and even super cute wrapping paper. It's kind of a heaven for me.


Bluebird Tea Co. - I think this is the place I go most in town and if you have been there you will understand why. I'm a massive green tea drinker and this shop/tea takeaway (if that makes any sense) caters perfectly to that. Although you can buy loose tea, kettles and other tea paraphernalia there I'm mostly interested in the tea which is made to order. I suggest the macha chocolate smoothie or the mojitea iced green tea.
The Lanes Pizzeria - I only went into this restaurant as they were advertising for jobs but I stayed because I discovered you can buy 12 inch takeaway pizzas for £3! That is just crazy cheap but the best thing is that the pizza quality is incredible. Some of the best pizza I have tasted. You can also sit in and have a pizza buffet but I am far too busy for that haha.
Foodillic - This is a health junkie's heaven (I pretend to be one of them sometimes) as there is loads of raw, organic, vegetarian and vegan food on offer in a sort of buffet system so you can pick exactly what healthy food you want to enjoy.

See/Do - 

Go for a long walk on the South Downs - This may be more accessible to me that some people who live in Brighton as my uni is in the north part of the city and my accommodation backs straight onto the Downs. It is all I can see from my bedroom window. However, I think it is something everyone should try and do as the views from some of the hills are absolutely incredible, especially at dawn or dusk.
Go to the pier/seafront - This applies more if you are visiting Brighton as the pier tends to be kind of a novelty for tourists but believe there are fun things to do and the seafront is beautiful all times of the year. I favour the churro stand over fish and chips though. I'm not a big fan of the traditional seaside food.
Dance in Casablancas - If you are over the age of 18 and happen to be in Brighton on a Wednesday night then Casablanca jazz club is the place to be. They have a resident band who are absolutely incredible and they make it my favourite place to go on a night out in the city. Expect loads of pop tunes but jazzed up with a live sax and brilliant vocal riffing. A night not to be missed.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Boohoo winter wants

Boohoo winter wants

I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of online shopping partly because I think half the fun is going into a shop, feeling the fabric, trying on more clothes than you can carry and picking out your favourites to buy (or all of it in my case) but there are a few online stores that I definitely find myself browsing fairly frequently, Boohoo being one of my firm favourites (ASOS being another). I can't deny the excitement of going to the post box to find a box of clothes has been delivered.
I was recently scouring boohoo knowing I am a poor student and so wasn't planning on buying anything (I didn't I was good) but I still racked up a long list of items I wish I could add to my uni wardrobe.

Liza embellished strap pleated layer dress in berry
Katie lace trim shorts in black (probably a good thing my size is sold out)
Catherine faux fur pom pom chunky knit beanie
Esmay check relaxed turn up boyfriend pants in black
Suzanne cut out woven playsuit in black
Lorna tiered statement floral earrings
Andie dogtooth cape
Bianca fluffy knit jumper in blue
Jenny clip buckle block heel ankle boot in black

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

October Instagrams

So while I am a bit late to posting the October photos I have decided to post my instagram photos on my blog each month (a la Sprinkleofglitter and lots of other bloggers) as I realise many of you may not follow me on instagram, @katyferenczy if you were wondering, and some of you might be interested in what I get up to each month.

1) The last day of my bleach blonde hair with the blue dip dye. It was time for it to go as autumn rolled around.
2) A beautiful candy floss sunset on the South Downs from my uni bedroom.
3) A couple of the 19th birthday presents from my parents- pink champagne and the Lord of the Rings trilogy in hardback.
4) An attempt at an artsy shot while showing my friend Laura the wonders of Brighton.

1) My bedside table in my room (as seen in my Uni details post) ft Marc Jacobs daisy perfume.
2) A Pull and Bear dressing room selfie showing off my new hair colour and some clothes which I later bought.
3) A throwback to a outfit photoshoot I did with my sister on Poole Quay in the summer.
4) My new running trainers which I bought to use in the gym. I bought the pretty ones to motivate me to exercise more which has actually worked so far.
5) One of my favourite graffiti pieces in central Brighton (before you ask I have no idea what whalefest is).
6) A beautiful lunch with some school friends at Kitsch in Canterbury. The pumpkin spice hot smoothie was the best thing I had ever tasted. It was like hot cookie.
7) Another candy floss sunset but this time on the train home from Canterbury.
8) Some stunning calligraphy by one of my favourite artists Kimi Juan (google her).
9) Brighton Pavilion all lit up while I was queuing for the Brighton Dome to go to Amity Fest. I was significantly older than most of the crowd but I had fun anyway.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

Now I'm going to admit I'm generally very behind on skincare, especially as when I was in my younger teenage years I never got spots no matter what I did so I used to think I didn't need to worry about my skin too much. However since coming to uni in September I have amassed a rather sizeable collection of them due to late/sleepless nights, drinking, wearing more makeup than I used to and just generally being a lazy student so I finally decided it was time to invest in my skin.
My first port of call was to buy a new cleanser. I had been using the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil and it did a wonderful job of taking my makeup off (I've never been one to submit my skin to the terrors of makeup wipes) I realised recently it contained mineral oil which is supposedly not very good for your skin. After hearing many bloggers rave about this product for several years I thought it would be a safe bet and so bought a starter kit with the two cloths.
I am so impressed with this product as after only about a month of using it my skin has clearer up a lot and it just leaves my skin feeling smoother and much more hydrated (the oil used to dry it out quite considerably). It goes on feeling rather like a clay mask which confused me at first but when removed with a hot, wet cloth it takes off all your makeup and any oil on your skin so it is perfect for morning and evening use.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Bonfire Night

On Thursday the UK celebrated bonfire night (a night to commemorate our government not having been blown up hundreds of years ago) and I had been told that the Lewes bonfire night celebrations were a must see for anyone who lives in the Brighton/Hove area so I grabbed a few of my flatmates and hopped on a train (or rather queued for half an hour to get on a jam packed train) to the nearby town of Lewes. I was not disappointed by the evening.
Lewes is a small, historical town and apparently it is best known for it's crazy bonfire night celebrations. There were parades of fire, firecrackers and canons all evening and thousands of people lined the streets to see them. Once a parade group walked past with 500 firecrackers on a string and set them all off at once which was a slightly blinding/deafening experience but fun nonetheless.
After the parades there was a massive bonfire lit in a field and firework displays all across town. We actually got hot chocolate and gingerbread men from a stall in the street and climbed up the hill to the golf course as there you could watch all the displays at once without having to pay for them. We did sacrifice the warmth of the fire though and so by the time we left I couldn't feel my feet.

Monday, 3 November 2014

November Motivation

The last six weeks have been extremely hectic and life changing for me as I moved away from home for the first time to go to uni in a completely different city. My whole world kind of flipped upside down as I left all of my friends (many who scattered all across the country (and even world)), my comfy house I lived in since I was born and basically everything I have ever known. I was nervous as I don't really think I adapt well to new situations and I find making friends really hard so having to live in a 3 storey house with 11 other strangers was a struggle at first.
However six weeks on I feel like I'm finally comfortable and at home in my university life and Brighton is one of the most wonderful places. As I feel back to normal and this is the start of a new month I really think this is a new clean slate for me. One of the things I have been focusing on since I moved is really becoming more of the person I want to be - healthier, more awake, more productive, calmer, more independent etc.
I really think I have succeeded in changing a lot for the better but obviously I still have days where I slob around on my bed with pizza for 10 hours which is why I chose this quote as I'm striving for progress in each area, not perfection as I'm still human.

Friday, 31 October 2014

My makeup essentials

Being a chronically lazy university student means I frequently forgo most makeup, especially when I have those pesky 9am lectures that I barely manage to get up for, so often a dab of concealer to cover up my dark circles from too late a night and a lick of mascara will do. However, having read beauty blogs and watching beauty youtubers since 2009 has led me to a certain fascination with makeup. I possess far to much for one person to realistically use and every time I pass a shop I have to pick up the latest suggestion from the youtube elite.
If I do have time in the morning I like to experiment with makeup but I do have some essentials that combine to make a fail safe makup look.

L-R: real techniques powder brush, unknown angled contour brush, mac 217, unknown mac eyeshadow brush, ted baker eyebrow brush, maybelline gel liner brush, real techniques expert face brush.
These are my standard brushes at the moment (I have a lot more but these are the ones I'm currently using lots). I have to confess I use the same brush for my contouring and my blush but this brush works so well and I just have no idea where it from to get another one.

L-R: maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser primer, sleek blush (923 pomegranate), rimmel stay matte pressed powder (001 transparent) , bourjois chocolate bronzer, collection lasting perfection concealer (1 fair), rimmel wake me up foundation (100 ivory).
All my face products are looking rather worse for wear because apart from the blush and sometimes foundation these never change. I have been using the same powder make since I was thirteen and it works so well. It's even Tanya Burr approved.

L-R: maybelline the falsies mascara (waterproof), maybelline gel liner (01 black), clinique eyes to go palette (all about shadow).
 My eye routine tends to change much more than my face as flip between a lot of palettes and a couple of mascaras (my other favourites are Maybelline the rocket volume express and Benefit they're real). Having said that my eyeliner tends to stay the same. I love this gel liner as it doesn't dry up quickly in the pot like a few I have tried but it doesn't budge from your lids once you apply it and it sets.

Clinique eyes to go palette in all about shadow.

In this palette I tend to only use the first four colours as I find the purple really helps bring out my grey eyes and they work so well together. The palette looks a lot better in real life so if you have a Clinique counter near you I suggest going to look at it.

In terms of lip products I really couldn't pick a favourite so I will have to do a separate post on my favourite ones. However a couple of current loves includes Mac cream cup lipstick, Tanya Burr's lipgloss in let's travel the world and Rimmel Kate Moss 107.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Uni details

Sorry for the lack of posts guys but I'm finding it extremely hard to find a photographer her at uni in Brighton (so if you know anyone that could help me out hit me up ha) but I think I may have finally found a solution to that. In the mean time I wanted to show you a few details from my university room as I'm really proud of how it turned out and it honestly may feel a bit more like home than my room at my house because I really worked on getting everything just how I wanted it.
In terms of all the pictures on the wall above my bed they are all disposable camera photos from the last year or so (bar a few of me when I was little) and you may recognise a few from my disposable photo posts.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fashion archives of Fashionably Unknown

I've been searching through all of my family's old hard drives to find any pictures I want to keep for myself and my goodness it was a whirlwind trip of embarrassing childhood photos complete with awful hair cuts and 2000's fashion. I thought as a treat to you all I would share some of my favourites on this blog.

So this is a great place to start as obviously my sass was evident from a young age (I want to say about eight) and I think this rainbow shirt was a perfect choice for my fabulous childhood personality.

Wedding photos are always suitably scarring but I actually kind of like this floral dress I am wearing. I'm a bit more dubious about those flowery white tights and pink hoodie, not very wedding. I also apologise to my sister's and cousin for this photo as you were all going through your awkward early teen years (see awful silver dress worn by my sister Lizzie).

Back to being a cute eight year old and I loved Disney World, as seen by my Stitch visor which I loved for a few years after this (why?!?). I was also still in the stage where I refused to wear jeans or any other trouser with buttons so cue grey trackies.

 Time to skip forward to 2008 where I am not longer cute but a horrendously awkward twelve year old. Apparently I have not only got over my jeans fear but I liked to roll them up as far as they would go. Again sorry to my sisters (your preppy phase was in full swing here).

I actually kind of like this shirt but why would anyone sane ever let me get my hair cut like that. The split full fringe has never been a good look.

I was a big fab of the monochrome even back then and leopard print accent trainers are pretty cute. Style points to me.

Ok so it was snowing but everything about this is just not alright any more. Love the dinosaur umbrella however.

Yay I'm back to being cute again and honestly I think those velvet leopard print trousers were (are still are) my most iconic fashion piece, especially as I went on a water ride and they got so wet I was made to take them off and walk around in my underwear (acceptable for an eight year old).

The balaclava look is still one I adopt on ski trips.

Because if you don't use a muffler around your face while skiing and it is windy you will end up like this. Wind burn is not cute but neither is that shirt which I'm pretty sure has something spilt on it.

And finally the most embarrassing I am willing to show you. We really went all out for flourescent 13th birthday parties and I think I wanted to be a princess with a tiara and feather boa. It wasn't even my birthday!

Katy xx