Thursday, 27 February 2014

instamoment - pointe

One of my favourite things to do in my free time is dance so this is a perfect picture to start a new line of posts on my blog. I think instagram is a really fun way of sharing what I am doing when I'm not blogging and I wanted to bring some of that onto my blog. This photo was from a day when me and my best friend Hannah spent all day dancing around on our pointes to practice. I love this photo because it shows how molded to my feet my shoes are and the dirt makes me think of all the hard work I do in them.

Katy xx

Saturday, 22 February 2014


These are the pictures from the second day of my trip to visit my sister in Cardiff. We actually went into the museum this day and I spent a happy few hours wandering around the natural history exhibit. I even learnt that Alfred Wallace (the biologst) is buried in the cemetery near my house. Anyway, these photos were taken in a small park in the centre of Cardiff, surrounded by gorgeous white stone buildings. That is one thing I love about the city, it has so many gorgeous old, white buildings.
The coat I am wearing arrived from Asos just before I left for Cardiff and honestly it is the best thing I have ever owned. Black sheepskin lining and cracked, soft (fake) leather on the outside. Finally something I feel proud to wear when it is too cold to wear any of my clothes.
Currently I'm doing anything to avoid completing all the work I set myself to do over half term break. I have one day less and I doubt any of it will get done but hey I'm on holiday!

Katy xx

wearing: coat from asos, top from topshop, jeans from primark, shoes from new look.

Monday, 17 February 2014

city hall

I'm back in Cardiff visiting my sister again and as usual we are spending our time wandering outside closed museums taking pictures. This dress is nice and thick which it needed to be as the usual wind and rain battered us. It seems as if it has been raining forever and I'm pretty sure there has only been a couple of days so far this year when it hasn't rained so I've had to put my spring wardrobe shopping on hold with no hope of a weather change. I hoping this dress will tide me over for a while though.

Katy xx

wearing: dress from river island, coat from new look, boots from new look

Monday, 10 February 2014


Days when you have one lesson and then you go home at eleven to watch the Winter Olympics hardly invoke a need to dress up. Who wants to wear a skirt when it is so cold and wet you have to put the bunsen burners on in the chemistry lab in a vain attempt to dry off. It's times like these when I try to get away with wearing as pyjama-esque clothes as possible, hence the fur. It feels like I'm constantly wrapped in my dressing gown and blanket. It is also, unintentionally, a nod to the apr├ęs-ski style favoured by fashions big names when they grace the slopes (if a rather lower budget recreation). I definitely it is time however to get back to watching the freestyle skiing mogul runs with a hot chocolate.

Katy xx

wearing: jumper from new look, jeans from topshop, fur gilet from forever 21.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


wearing: tshirt from primark, dress from topshop, demin jacket from boohoo, shoes from new look
Sorry for my absence but the last few weeks have been a flurry of school work, late nights and unphotogenic onesie parties. I promise as the days get longer it will get better though. I decided to leave the second photo way out of focus because being unintentionally artsy is my speciality.

Katy xx