Monday, 10 February 2014


Days when you have one lesson and then you go home at eleven to watch the Winter Olympics hardly invoke a need to dress up. Who wants to wear a skirt when it is so cold and wet you have to put the bunsen burners on in the chemistry lab in a vain attempt to dry off. It's times like these when I try to get away with wearing as pyjama-esque clothes as possible, hence the fur. It feels like I'm constantly wrapped in my dressing gown and blanket. It is also, unintentionally, a nod to the apr├ęs-ski style favoured by fashions big names when they grace the slopes (if a rather lower budget recreation). I definitely it is time however to get back to watching the freestyle skiing mogul runs with a hot chocolate.

Katy xx

wearing: jumper from new look, jeans from topshop, fur gilet from forever 21.


  1. Very good look ;)
    Kisses <3

  2. This look is something i'd love to wear too!! xx