Friday, 14 March 2014


We interrupt this blog of monochrome to bring you the following announcement: I'm finally wearing colour! I think it is the perfect weather we have been having here in the UK that has induced a need for at least an effort at breaking my black and white rut (don't worry I will be back to my own ways soon enough). This top really reminded me of Moroccan (well all north African) carpets and tiles which I love as I think Arab artwork is some of the most interesting and intricate. Look at me pretending I know art. 

Katy xx

wearing: top and jeans from sainsburys, sunglasses from accessorize, shoes from charity shop, necklace is homemade.


  1. great look :)

  2. nice look :) love this t-shirt

  3. love that top! it looks so gorgeous on you! amazing pics.
    Emma xx