Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dye job

Me and my sister decided to do a temporary, partial wardrobe swap yesterday so I gave her a load of clothes I haven't worn for a while and she did the same for me. Then when she gets back from uni for the summer we evaluate what we want back and whatever we don't the other person can keep. This gorgeous dress is a product of that. My sister bought it off eBay for about £3 and I honestly love it. The way the tie dye is really dark (I promise I have more coloured stuff on the way) rather than the usual garish bright reds and purples which I'm too safe to try and pull off. It also fit so well with this 80's style jacket which I pull out every now and then if I am feeling more of a statement jacket.
The weather here is incredible at the moment and it is such a novelty to not even have to wear tights, although I am not getting to enjoy it fully as exams creep ever closer (I'll be free in two months today).

Katy xx

wearing: dress from sister, jacket from h&m


  1. love this dress! I'm looking for something similar for festivals in the summer, and I'm very tempted to get a bunch of friends and white clothing together to do the dyeing ourselves! might turn out horridly though haha, but yours is gorgeous! such a good idea with your sister's clothes, too. xx

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I love tie dying stuff myself. If you are worried it will look too hipster-ish try using black dye on white clothes so you get cool monochrome tie dye.