Saturday, 19 April 2014

On the wings of eagles

I've been meaning to photograph this outfit for ages as it is all I have really been wearing for the last four weeks but with revision and Easter holidays I have just not had the time. Here it is though and surprise surprise it is monochrome. I think someone might need to stage an intervention soon. Really though, who needs colour when you have black, it flatters everyone and coordinates with everything. It is definitely the lazy girls colour (so basically for me then). Anyway synthesis in organic chemistry calls.

Katy xx

wearing: crop top,skirt and shoes from tesco, denim jacket from boohoo, necklace from miss selfridge


  1. so cute photos! love the outfit, you have really cool style!
    Emma xx

  2. I miss seeing you wear bright colors, but you really look good in monochrome! It may seem as the lazy girls' color according to you, but you seriously pull it off! I love your skirt so much, and the denim jacket is such a great touch! Love your photos too, looks like you're getting some sun in England! xx

    1. Don't worry I have several post lined up that are coloured as I've banned myself from buying monochrome clothing for the moment to try and encourage the spring spirit. Yeah we are getting some sun but as I speak it is pouring with rain :(