Thursday, 29 May 2014


You know you are using self timer when you take 50+ photos and when you look at them there are only three that are even remotely usable. Where are my sisters when I need them!
Anyway, I saw Jeline from do an outfit post on her tshirt that is the same as this one except a different colour and it inspired me to style mine. I went for quite an unusual pairing as I wore it with these beautiful ditzy floral print shorts which I absolutely love and I seriously can't wait to wear on holiday in about a months time (it is getting so close ah). I love how the two prints clash but are the same colour scheme so it isn't too overwhelming.
The exam season is in full swing now and I have officially left school forever...just 8 exams to complete until freedom! 

Katy xx

wearing: tshirt from topshop, shorts from new look.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Instagram favourites

I spend a lot of time on Instagram and I so I'm going to share some of my all time favourite accounts with you.

1) @_claireholland_

This girl is a friend of a friend who also happens to be an incredibly talented artist. Her biro drawing are hands down some of the most amazing art to come from a seventeen year old ever. Not only that but she as a person just oozes cool and I  think I may have a bit of a girl crush on her (affirmative I do). Her photos are a mix of her art and daily life which includes stunning holiday shots (jealous).

2) @paran01dandroid

This girl is a friends sister and she has the indie vibes down to a tee. Her entire feed is a mix of great music, selfies with her cat and shots of her awesome wardrobe. Also her filters are ace.

3) @imjennim

You probably know who she is already as she is the fashion girl of the 'clothesencounters' youtube channel. Jenn is a constant inspiration to my oufits, escpecially her series What Would Jenn Wear. Her instagram is mainly outfits of the day but there is great asian food pictures and the occasional skyline thrown in for good measure.

(WARNING: The next two are close friends of mine)

4) @_harrietscott

Harriet is one of my best friends and I actually feature on her feed a little bit. However, when it isn't selfies of me and her, Harriet's feed is full of the best food you have ever seen, Zara bags and socks that have pugs on them. She is practically a Made In Chelsea girl...but without the mean streak.

5) @leiladara

I love Leila to pieces and her instagram feed just just adds to my love. Every picture she posts makes it look like she spends her life at festivals and on cute road trips with her boyfriend (I swear she comes to school too!) Everything is paisley and would not look out of place at Glasto...she's a real flower child

6) @hannelekven

This woman from Norway possibly has the best instagram feed of anyone I have every seen. Everything is white and cast with just the right amount of light to make it look incredible (think minimalism a lot). Not only that but she is gorgeous and has the most perfect tattoo on her wrist. Just go check her out!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Cut short

My exams start this week and continue until June 24th so I'm trying to wear all my nice outfits before I retire into black leggings and will happen inevitably no matter how hard I try to wear something else.
I love this skirt so much because it fits so well and just looks good with everything (see this post) and so when I got this new crop top it was instantly the skirt I thought of to pair it with.
All this week (as it is our last ever week in school) our school year has a dress theme (man monday, texas tuesday, wellie wednesday, black thursday and formal friday) so I have been carefully planning my get up each day. I mean there is too much black in my wardrobe to choose from on thursday but I think it will be so fun so be sure to check out my instagram for up dates!

Katy xx

Ps. yes I know I have no shoes on...

wearing: crop top from new look, skirt from tesco, sunglasses from american eagle.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Posy tint

Spring in the UK seems to be flipping between torrential rain and warm, sunny weather about ever five minutes. There wasn't a cloud in the sky when I left for school this morning but after being at school ten minutes it was pouring down with rain and about 15 degrees colder. It is a nightmare for wardrobe choices.
Anyway these photos were taken on a rather sunnier day so I whipped out one my elusive (I swear I have several) colourful dresses. It was mainly because I needed to find something that did justice to these amazing shoes. I mean look I got birkenstocks (ok, so fake ones). My mum had two pairs from a while back that she never wore so I 'borrowed' them and now I have the only shoe I'm ever going to wear this summer.

Katy xx

wearing: dress from primark, shoes from next.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Night out disposables

Recently I have been trying to collect new disposable pictures to put up on my wall so I took a film camera on a Friday night out to my local club (I spend most Friday nights there). I really love the way they turned out and I am going to take some of them to put on my uni room wall when I hopefully go in September.

Katy xx

PS. Yes I know the room looks empty but I can promise you it was completely full

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Holes in your logic

I recently received these jeans from JustFor5Pounds and I am absolutely in love. I have been looking for a pair of ripped up black jeans for a while but I always assumed I would just get the standard boyfriend or skinny fit. However when these arrived I was smitten with the straight leg vibe going on (perfect for loose turn ups but simultaneously thigh slimming). I had to give them the centre of attention in a outfit so I paired them with this simple white T-shirt and this stunning jewellery from Deliah Dust which is my all time favourite website for necklaces (especially of the stone variety).
Overall this outfit has just taken me to heaven and back and I will proceed to wear it for the next hundred years.

Katy xx

wearing: jeans c/o justfor5pounds, tshirt from primark, shoes from topshop, necklaces c/o deliah dust.