Thursday, 29 May 2014


You know you are using self timer when you take 50+ photos and when you look at them there are only three that are even remotely usable. Where are my sisters when I need them!
Anyway, I saw Jeline from do an outfit post on her tshirt that is the same as this one except a different colour and it inspired me to style mine. I went for quite an unusual pairing as I wore it with these beautiful ditzy floral print shorts which I absolutely love and I seriously can't wait to wear on holiday in about a months time (it is getting so close ah). I love how the two prints clash but are the same colour scheme so it isn't too overwhelming.
The exam season is in full swing now and I have officially left school forever...just 8 exams to complete until freedom! 

Katy xx

wearing: tshirt from topshop, shorts from new look.