Thursday, 31 July 2014

A light above descending

The problem I discovered while in Tenerife is the temperature never changes, it seems to perpetually be 30 degrees whether it is the middle of the night or not. This caused issues because I really don't want to spend my nice evening in a tiny crop top and denim shorts (that get up gets boring pretty quickly). This dress from boohoo was an absolute god send because it's the complete opposite of what everyone else was wearing yet it is super airy so it stopped me from becoming a pale puddle on the pavement. I also die over this geometric pattern a little bit.

wearing: dress from boohoo, hat from primark, sunglasses from accessorize.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I'm finally back from all my holidays and the post sun blues are setting in as much as I'm glad to lie in my bed as up until this point I have been in England for four days in July. I'm currently curled up in a cocoon of cushions and blankets after getting home from Lanzarote late last night. 
This outfit was photographed in Tenerife and these trousers have pretty much been my favourite thing for the last couple of months. My best friend Laura bought them for me just before she went away to America for 3 months this summer (it's only 6 weeks until she gets back!!). They are the perfect shape as they taper down to the ankle but hang fairly loose from the body so they were an evening staple in the Canary Islands.

Katy xx

wearing: tshirt and hat from primark, trousers from river island.

Friday, 11 July 2014

France photo diary

So I'm been MIA for ages but I've been at completing exams, having a prom, lazing in a French chateau and partying in Tenerife with some of my best friends. I am also jetting of to Lanzarote with a different set of friends on Sunday morning so I thought I needed to get some blogging done in the interim time.
France was so much fun as I spent most of the time exploring cute little towns and villages, all setting up their decorations in preparation for July which encompasses Bastille Day next week. We stayed at the Chateau De Saint Gervais in Normandy and visited Honfleur, Cormeilles and Deauville. I've never visited that part of France before and with  the sun shining everything was absolutely gorgeous.