Thursday, 28 August 2014

Do I Wanna Know?

Wow my blue hair was so bright back when these were taken (yes this was like two weeks ago and we haven't seen the sun since then) I miss that and I miss summer because autumn has well and truly come here in the UK but I'm not quite ready to let go of my collection of flowery shorts and floaty crop tops. Can't hot weather come back for just a couple more weeks please. Anyway this blouse is the holy grail of chiffon shirts as it is light, airy, pretty but not too see through. I have wore it about every other day since I bought it earlier this month and I actually have no problem with that.

wearing: blouse and rings from h&m, shorts from forever 21, sandals from primark, necklace from delilah dust

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WCW: Mimi Elashiry

I'm quite a instagram stalker really and I love coming across new accounts that I can sit and scroll through for hours at a time (it helps me forget my own unfiltered life). One such account was the instagram of 18 year old Australian model Mimi Elashiry. My first thought was how is she the same age as me (damn the curse of baby face), secondly I just fell in love with her fashion. She has a really hippy/festival/flower child vibe going on which I now more than ever am attempting to emulate (see future posts). I literally spent over an hour scrolling through basically her entire feed last week and I basically wanted to like every photo, they are all composed and edited so perfectly.

Monday, 18 August 2014


The quay is one of my favourite places to hang out in town (you can find me drinking with friends in the spoons) and so I thought it was about time to get some photos in the red brick lanes there. These dungarees have been such a blessing to my life and I just don't really ever want to take them off. They were reduced to £7 in Primark so I mean it would be a crime to have not bought them really. 
Also if you didn't notice in my last outfit post I have half blue hair now. 

wearing: dungarees from primark, sweatshirt from h&m, sandals from primark

Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer disposables

I've been attempting to take loads of disposable photos this summer to a) document what actually happens and make it look cool and b) have a load of photos to pin up on my wall when I move to Brighton. These photos are some of the results so far and they feature many of my closest friends who are all moving away next month as well so these serve as a memento of the best summer of my life so far.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wind in the wires

Sometimes I forget that I live in one of England's most popular holiday destination and that this beautiful view is only ten minutes down the road. I've been thinking about it a lot recently since today I officially found out that I will be moving to Brighton next month. As much as I can't wait to move on to a new chapter in my life I will miss the scenery of Poole and Sandbanks so much (maybe one day I will move back and into one of the million pound houses ha) as it is all I have ever known and really it is beautiful.
(Also notice my new bleach blonde and blue hair for summer.)

wearing: dress from boohoo, necklace from delilah dust, sandals from primark.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Let's fight

There are times when outfit shoots are unplanned but you come across a wicked piece of graffiti in a random industrial estate in Birmingham so you have to hand your phone to your sister so you can get some shots. This was one of those times. (Forever 21 thanks for being awesome and making me want to buy everything in store).

wearing: crop top and shorts from forever 21, shoes from tesco, backpack from lanzarote,, choker from etsy, sunglasses from primark..

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Save the last dance

Towards the end of June my school had it's senior prom which basically marked the end of our school lives (except from results day I guess eek!) and so me and all my friends got dressed up to dance the night away at a posh manor house. I decided pink or white was not what I wanted to wear this year and so in testament to my black outfit phase I decided to wear a dress from Dorothy Perkins which was covered in a silver rose print. It definitely stood out from most of my friends but I loved it and that is all that matters. Everyone looked so gorgeous and I had one of the best nights, eventually falling asleep as the sun was rising after prom, clubbing and watching The Devil Wears Prada at 3.30am for some unknown reason.

wearing: dress from dorothy perkins, shoes from new look, clutch - friends.