Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fashion archives of Fashionably Unknown

I've been searching through all of my family's old hard drives to find any pictures I want to keep for myself and my goodness it was a whirlwind trip of embarrassing childhood photos complete with awful hair cuts and 2000's fashion. I thought as a treat to you all I would share some of my favourites on this blog.

So this is a great place to start as obviously my sass was evident from a young age (I want to say about eight) and I think this rainbow shirt was a perfect choice for my fabulous childhood personality.

Wedding photos are always suitably scarring but I actually kind of like this floral dress I am wearing. I'm a bit more dubious about those flowery white tights and pink hoodie, not very wedding. I also apologise to my sister's and cousin for this photo as you were all going through your awkward early teen years (see awful silver dress worn by my sister Lizzie).

Back to being a cute eight year old and I loved Disney World, as seen by my Stitch visor which I loved for a few years after this (why?!?). I was also still in the stage where I refused to wear jeans or any other trouser with buttons so cue grey trackies.

 Time to skip forward to 2008 where I am not longer cute but a horrendously awkward twelve year old. Apparently I have not only got over my jeans fear but I liked to roll them up as far as they would go. Again sorry to my sisters (your preppy phase was in full swing here).

I actually kind of like this shirt but why would anyone sane ever let me get my hair cut like that. The split full fringe has never been a good look.

I was a big fab of the monochrome even back then and leopard print accent trainers are pretty cute. Style points to me.

Ok so it was snowing but everything about this is just not alright any more. Love the dinosaur umbrella however.

Yay I'm back to being cute again and honestly I think those velvet leopard print trousers were (are still are) my most iconic fashion piece, especially as I went on a water ride and they got so wet I was made to take them off and walk around in my underwear (acceptable for an eight year old).

The balaclava look is still one I adopt on ski trips.

Because if you don't use a muffler around your face while skiing and it is windy you will end up like this. Wind burn is not cute but neither is that shirt which I'm pretty sure has something spilt on it.

And finally the most embarrassing I am willing to show you. We really went all out for flourescent 13th birthday parties and I think I wanted to be a princess with a tiara and feather boa. It wasn't even my birthday!

Katy xx


  1. What a great idea! Such a cute post.

    xx E∆

  2. Cute photos :)


  3. Katy!!

    These are just BRILLIANT!! haha I'm so glad you shared these!!

    we deffo all have our fair share of these golden nuggets let me tell you...

    it just amazes me how cool we all think we are at the time, and then 5 years later you look back and you're like 'WHY, JUST WHY, DIDN'T ANYONE STOP ME LEAVING THE HOUSE LIKE THAT?!!!!'


    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey