Friday, 28 November 2014

Brighton: A beginners guide

I've been living in Brighton for the last three months now and I feel like I have got to know so many of the amazing things that go on in this city so I thought I would share some of my favourite things to do/buy/eat/see in Brighton to aid you if you ever find yourself in Brighton and what to know where to go.


Of course we have to start with shopping as being me where else would I think to begin. Shopping is incredible in Brighton and there are more interesting independent shops than I have ever encountered in my life.
Snooper's paradise - This is a junk/secondhand shop in North Laine that is absolutely huge. It is a treasure trove for everything from clothes to records to books to random trinkets that no one could ever really have a use for. You can even buy a full suit of armour! One of my favourite things about the shop is that they have an old Photomatic machine and I take all my friends there when they visit to get photobooth pictures.
Edited - This is a beautiful homeware shop also in North Laine where everything is colour blocked and I want to buy the entire shop. Believe me if I had the funds I would buy everything.
Pen to paper - I have a slight obsession over stationary and if you do too then this shop is the place to go . They stock an amazing array of notebooks and pens and even super cute wrapping paper. It's kind of a heaven for me.


Bluebird Tea Co. - I think this is the place I go most in town and if you have been there you will understand why. I'm a massive green tea drinker and this shop/tea takeaway (if that makes any sense) caters perfectly to that. Although you can buy loose tea, kettles and other tea paraphernalia there I'm mostly interested in the tea which is made to order. I suggest the macha chocolate smoothie or the mojitea iced green tea.
The Lanes Pizzeria - I only went into this restaurant as they were advertising for jobs but I stayed because I discovered you can buy 12 inch takeaway pizzas for £3! That is just crazy cheap but the best thing is that the pizza quality is incredible. Some of the best pizza I have tasted. You can also sit in and have a pizza buffet but I am far too busy for that haha.
Foodillic - This is a health junkie's heaven (I pretend to be one of them sometimes) as there is loads of raw, organic, vegetarian and vegan food on offer in a sort of buffet system so you can pick exactly what healthy food you want to enjoy.

See/Do - 

Go for a long walk on the South Downs - This may be more accessible to me that some people who live in Brighton as my uni is in the north part of the city and my accommodation backs straight onto the Downs. It is all I can see from my bedroom window. However, I think it is something everyone should try and do as the views from some of the hills are absolutely incredible, especially at dawn or dusk.
Go to the pier/seafront - This applies more if you are visiting Brighton as the pier tends to be kind of a novelty for tourists but believe there are fun things to do and the seafront is beautiful all times of the year. I favour the churro stand over fish and chips though. I'm not a big fan of the traditional seaside food.
Dance in Casablancas - If you are over the age of 18 and happen to be in Brighton on a Wednesday night then Casablanca jazz club is the place to be. They have a resident band who are absolutely incredible and they make it my favourite place to go on a night out in the city. Expect loads of pop tunes but jazzed up with a live sax and brilliant vocal riffing. A night not to be missed.


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    1. Yes if you ever grace the shores of Britain Jeline it is a fabulous place to visit. Close enough from London to do a day trip from the capital as well!

  2. I've heard Brighton is a great place to live/visit! too bad I live in America.


    1. It's amazing but I'm sure you have plenty of amazing places to visit in America..