Tuesday, 11 November 2014

October Instagrams

So while I am a bit late to posting the October photos I have decided to post my instagram photos on my blog each month (a la Sprinkleofglitter and lots of other bloggers) as I realise many of you may not follow me on instagram, @katyferenczy if you were wondering, and some of you might be interested in what I get up to each month.

1) The last day of my bleach blonde hair with the blue dip dye. It was time for it to go as autumn rolled around.
2) A beautiful candy floss sunset on the South Downs from my uni bedroom.
3) A couple of the 19th birthday presents from my parents- pink champagne and the Lord of the Rings trilogy in hardback.
4) An attempt at an artsy shot while showing my friend Laura the wonders of Brighton.

1) My bedside table in my room (as seen in my Uni details post) ft Marc Jacobs daisy perfume.
2) A Pull and Bear dressing room selfie showing off my new hair colour and some clothes which I later bought.
3) A throwback to a outfit photoshoot I did with my sister on Poole Quay in the summer.
4) My new running trainers which I bought to use in the gym. I bought the pretty ones to motivate me to exercise more which has actually worked so far.
5) One of my favourite graffiti pieces in central Brighton (before you ask I have no idea what whalefest is).
6) A beautiful lunch with some school friends at Kitsch in Canterbury. The pumpkin spice hot smoothie was the best thing I had ever tasted. It was like hot cookie.
7) Another candy floss sunset but this time on the train home from Canterbury.
8) Some stunning calligraphy by one of my favourite artists Kimi Juan (google her).
9) Brighton Pavilion all lit up while I was queuing for the Brighton Dome to go to Amity Fest. I was significantly older than most of the crowd but I had fun anyway.


  1. Love this, will follow your instagram! Living in Brighton must be so great, I always try to take a trip there when I'm back in the south coast x


    1. Yes living in Brighton is awesome, there is always something to do and somewhere new to explore!

  2. Loving your October Instagrams, some gorgeous shots!

    Gabby xo

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