Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014.

Sorry for the photo spam but I just couldn't decide on some of my favourite moments of 2014. I have had such an amazing year with all my friends and family but I can't wait for a fresh year and fresh possibilities. Tonight I'm attempting to bring in the new year in two different towns and I may be in a club til 9am if my friends have any say in it so it is set up to be my best year ever. As of yet I have no New Year's Resolutions but I am determined that 2015 will kick ass. 
Happy New Year's everyone!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Holiday season nails

L-R: Ted Baker nail laquer in gold glitter, Revlon  nail enamel in 620 Bewitching, Rimmel lasting finish nail colour in 193 Black Cherries, Avon nailwear pro in Golden Vision.
The Christmas season is upon us and I'm feeling especially festive now that I've left uni and returned home to Bournemouth for the holiday. Being in the Christmas spirit has really got me thinking about outfits and beauty choices for the big day. In terms of nails I usually keep it quite classic with a dark red or purple polish to fit in with the winter theme but I often jazz it up a bit with either a gold glitter layered on top or a gold accent nail with the Avon polish. These are some of my favourite polishes for this time of year and I'm even thinking about painting several coats of the Ted Baker glitter to make opaque gold glitter nails for New Year's eve (you have to think ahead about these thing when you are picking which polishes to bring home for the holidays).

Thursday, 4 December 2014

November instagrams

1) I started the month with a throwback to when I last had the hair colour I have now which was back in the summer.
2) I got stuck straight into autumn by kicking up the leaves on my walk to my morning lectures.
3) I then instantly forgot autumn I guess and got all excited over some polar bear socks I found at Topshop. As you can see I've been ready for Christmas for a while.
4) If you saw my post about bonfire night you would know I went to the town of Lewes for their famous burning parade night. It didn't disappoint.

1) Another, rather more colourful, shot of bonfire night in Lewes.
2) I went home for a weekend in the middle of November and I was so excited about finally being able to have a bath again that I bought loads of Lush products. This is northern lights in action.
3) Despite never being away from the sea for more than a couple of weeks I will never get tired of the sight of the ocean in brilliant sunshine (winter or summer sun).
4) I got dug into the Brighton Christmas markets and had the first crepe of the season. I was pretty boring and just had Nutella but I'm a traditionalist.
5) Brighton has some of the best Christmas lights I've seen in a while.
6) Me and my friends got very excited over all the sparkles in the Christmas section of Harrods on our winter trip to London.
7) I couldn't resist going ice skating with my flatmates at the open air Pavilion rink.
8) Hot chocolates are a must this time of year and yes I know people say I'm crazy for not having whipped cream but ew I will not succumb to its horrible taste.
9) A shot mid ice skating (well I was actually standing still). Despite going ice skating most years I can just never get the hang of it properly so I have finally resigned myself to just looking like Bambi in that famous scene with legs and arms everywhere. It won't stop me trying though!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Generosity // December motivation

Recently I've been thinking a lot about generosity. I know what you are thinking..'really generosity, christmas, giving presents, not very original really' but hear me out. Yes while December and the festive season is full of generous present giving that is not the generosity I want to focus on this month. I want to be more generous with my time and talents.
I think doing little generous acts each day can really help out the other people around you while lifting your spirits in the knowledge you are making someone's life easier even just in a small way. Everyone can give their time. Whether it is helping your friend with their homework if you are still at school or cooking dinner for you stressed out flatmate as she struggles to finish her uni essay. The possibilities are endless.
For example my Mum often has to make powerpoints for various reasons and she hasn't really got the hang of the programme so whenever I'm around and she needs my help I will sit down with her for about half an hour and make it for her while attempting to teach her along the way. It's only a small fraction of the time in my day used but it allows her to focus on her more important work.

So in December I am going to try do at least one generous thing each day just to spread a little bit of joy to everyone and I challenge you all to do the same. Isn't that part of what Christmas is about anyway, JOY?