Thursday, 4 December 2014

November instagrams

1) I started the month with a throwback to when I last had the hair colour I have now which was back in the summer.
2) I got stuck straight into autumn by kicking up the leaves on my walk to my morning lectures.
3) I then instantly forgot autumn I guess and got all excited over some polar bear socks I found at Topshop. As you can see I've been ready for Christmas for a while.
4) If you saw my post about bonfire night you would know I went to the town of Lewes for their famous burning parade night. It didn't disappoint.

1) Another, rather more colourful, shot of bonfire night in Lewes.
2) I went home for a weekend in the middle of November and I was so excited about finally being able to have a bath again that I bought loads of Lush products. This is northern lights in action.
3) Despite never being away from the sea for more than a couple of weeks I will never get tired of the sight of the ocean in brilliant sunshine (winter or summer sun).
4) I got dug into the Brighton Christmas markets and had the first crepe of the season. I was pretty boring and just had Nutella but I'm a traditionalist.
5) Brighton has some of the best Christmas lights I've seen in a while.
6) Me and my friends got very excited over all the sparkles in the Christmas section of Harrods on our winter trip to London.
7) I couldn't resist going ice skating with my flatmates at the open air Pavilion rink.
8) Hot chocolates are a must this time of year and yes I know people say I'm crazy for not having whipped cream but ew I will not succumb to its horrible taste.
9) A shot mid ice skating (well I was actually standing still). Despite going ice skating most years I can just never get the hang of it properly so I have finally resigned myself to just looking like Bambi in that famous scene with legs and arms everywhere. It won't stop me trying though!

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