Friday, 2 October 2015

Beauty in Autumn

Autumn is definitely my favourite time for beauty: I love the darker lips, darker nails and the abundance of gold on the eyes. To be completely honest I wear makeup like this all year round but it feels especially exciting in autumn. I think it may be the fact that these colours seem cosier to me and cosy is such an autumn theme. I'm thinking blankets, steamy cups of tea and the fire on (something we lack in this house sadly).
Two of my favourite nail polishes at the moment have been Black Cherries by Rimmel and Bewitching by Revlon, they are both really autumnal colours with the former being a slightly shimmery deep purple (almost black in some lights) and the latter being more of a berry toned red.

Recently, I been loving the Rimmel Last Finish Nude foundation (I wear 100 ivory) because it gives really good coverage but it is still a really lightweight feeling base. This time of year finally means I can bring back one of my favourite blushes which is Pomegranate by Sleek, it is such a gorgeous shimmery berry colour and I wish I could wear it everyday but it tends to look better when my skin is at its palest (aka the colder months).

About a month ago I picked up this palette from Maybelline called The Nudes and it is basically all I have used since (you can see how well loved it is by how ridiculously dirty it is). I love the bright gold shade (three along on the bottom) especially when paired with the darker golden shade on the outer half of my lid (four along on the top row). The second to last shade on the bottom row is a beautiful champagne gold colour (not coming out too well in the photo) which I have been using to highlight my brow bone and inner corner. I have even used it for a cheek highlighter on days when I have been too lazy to get a separate one.

Finally in terms of lips I have so much choice as most of my lip products seem to be reds of some sort. For autumn this year I am really looking forward to using the Revlon Colourstay Moiusture Stain in New York Scene as it is a gorgeous, slightly brown toned red. However, it isn't a product for when you are in a rush because I find that application can be a bit messy and take a little more time. I of course will also be wearing my two favourite lip products ever the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 and the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 (I wish these products had colour names, numbers aren't as fun).

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

One second summer

So this summer I decided to undertake the, surprisingly hard, challenge of taking a one second snapshot of every single one of my days. I wanted to do it because at the start of the summer I was looking ahead to three months of working a full time job in a fast food restaurant with no holidays abroad or exciting trips planned, however I knew that there would be plenty of days where I had a great time. I wanted to remember these moments. Now the actual practicalities of filming just a second of each day is what I found hard, often the activity for the day had ended and everyone left before I even thought to take out my phone to capture it (maybe shows I was actually having an amazing time as I wasn't thinking about my phone). Some days I did enough to capture 5 or 6 different exciting seconds whilst other days I came home from work and ate chocolate in my pyjamas for a couple of hours (hardly video worthy). For these reasons there are a few days in the video that are skipped over as I didn't have a video but I love this video despite that because watching it back it really does show me that it is the little moments that count: the great bath bomb, the laughter whilst playing board games with your friends or the smell of your dad's incredible cooking (soppy alert!). 
I think I might try to start this project again in January and try to capture every single day of 2016 because that would be an awesome memory to keep and who am I kidding I'm a sucker for a memory project (I'm looking at you half finished scrapbooks - we'll see if I can finish this project).

Note: Yes July 5th is a clip of me watching Jayden and Willow Smith at Wireless Festival and yes they were honestly incredible.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

University details: Year two

details: duvet cover & centre cushion from dunelm mill, animal cushions were presents.

I did a post similar to this one last year where I showed you some details from my halls accommodation, well second year has now started and so I've moved into a house with three of my friends. My room is 100% complete yet because I still need a trip to Ikea to get a bedside lamp and some makeup storage but I'm really happy with how it looks at the moment.
Obviously the most exciting part is that for the first time in my life I have a double bed (perfect for falling asleep with my laptop open next to me). I loved the idea of having a grey/mustard yellow theme to my room even though it clashes somewhat with the awful cream/off white walls. I also have the cosiest grey throw at the end of my bed but the room is too small to capture the entire bed.
I also love waking up and seeing this motivational poster on the wall (see above), I would have liked something that matched my bedspread more but it was the only poster I could find that I liked and I just needed to cover the dirty wall marks (really selling student houses to you aren't I).
Overall I think my room has turned out as well as it could have bearing in mind I'm renting a cheap student housing. I really can't wait until I can decorate my own house!

details: candle from primark, serum from kiehls, books are animal farm and N-W.
details: photo strip from urban outfitters, photobooth pictures taken in mesmerist and snooper's paradise.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bridging the seasons

wearing: dress from new look, cardigan from h&m, hat from miss selfridge, bag from lanzarote.
 The first week or so of September has been somewhat of an Indian summer with temperatures I can get my legs out to. However, I think this has been simply a small make up for a August in which I strolled out of the house with bare legs precisely once and even that outfit was accessorised with a waterproof coat. I took the opportunity of warm-ish weather to wear a this swing dress from New Look (mainly because I know within two weeks I will have to be whipping the tights out to utilise the dress- Britain eh). I love the shape of the dress, especially the mock neckline which seems to be ever increasingly creeping into my A/W15 wardrobe (they just go with everything) so I know I will be getting my money's worth.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

It's sweater weather

wearing: jumper from sainsburys, jeans from topshop, hat from miss selfridge, boots from river island, backpack from lanzarote.
Extremely rainy day = photoshoot in a multi-storey carpark right? August had some of the worst weather for a while so this summer I barely made in into my skirts and shorts and August was all about jumpers (a sad fact about English weather). Having said this though I'm so excited for autumn this year because turtlenecks and mustard yellow and pussybow blouses.
The carpark surprisingly made for a rather good location although we did have to avoid cars driving around the system (fashion is danger though huh?). I'm trying to get a few shoots in with my sister before she goes on a late summer holiday and I go back to Brighton in the next few weeks because having a photographer makes for much easier/better shoots.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Songs to send you back to school

So August is over and so that means school and university are coming up fast. Personally, I have two weeks before I move into my new house in Brighton ready to start my second year at Sussex University. With this change comes stress, studying and socialising. Therefore I've sort of tailored my August playlist to have a few songs for each of these situations. There are some beautiful and calm songs including ones by Tallest Man On Earth and Michael Moffit (of AsapScience fame), a 25+ minute track for every mood and some more upbeat songs for getting the party started.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Autumn wardrobe wants

fall wants

Here in the UK it appears that summer may be fading into Autumn very soon because the warm days are becoming increasingly rare (they were limited to begin with though). It's OK though because for the first time ever I'm actually embracing the shorter days with open arms. Maybe it is because I'm longing to get back to Brighton and all it's charm (and university I guess) or that I'm really into jumpers and sweatshirts at the moment so this weather change will give me an excuse to buy a huge pile of them. Whatever it is that is making me long Autumn cosiness, I am starting to compile a fashion wish list for the F/W season. I mean a few of the items in this list are way out of my student budget price range but a girl can dream can't she. I've been absolutely head over heels for Acne Studios and Helmut Lang at the moment so they have both made an appearance here (as of course has my favourite Topshop). I hope I can give you inspiration for the next few months or, and I apologise for this, make you want designer clothes you can't afford.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


wearing: shirt from new look, jeans from topshop, socks from market.

Working full time, this summer, has led me to cherish days off: lazy mornings where I can take a long shower, drink a lot of green tea and just lie on the sofa listening to gentle piano music. These photos document the feeling of happy aimlessness that accompanies such a morning. I am generally the laziest kind of person so having a regular routine where I can only lay around once in a while is actually a blessing. It means I actually appreciate wrapping a blanket around myself several hours longer than is probably deemed appropriate (especially by my parents who tease me constantly for always looking like a walking duvet).

Monday, 27 July 2015

Sounds of July

My mind has been in one hell of a muddle at the moment (thank you fruitless job hunting and terrible weather) so blogging has consistently slipped my mind. However music, as always, has somewhat tamed the crazy this month and so yet again I thought I would put together a playlist of some tracks that I'm dancing round my room to at the moment. This set of tracks features a brilliant song by the bird and the bee who have just released an incredible new album (I highly recommend you go listen to it all), some of the usual dance tracks and a couple of tracks from Jaden and Willow Smith because I managed to see them at Wireless Festival earlier in the month. This of course has led to obsessive listening even if I don't understand the flower of life or the complexity of chemtrails (both topics that they talk about in their songs).

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol.13

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. This novel is set in a Hunger Games-esque dystopian future except there are two classes of people, red bloods who are normal humans and silver bloods who have powers (like water or mind controlling). This combination makes for  brilliant read and I finished the book in only a couple of days. It takes a little while to get into the story but the characters are well written and interesting. The only thing I'm upset about is having to wait until 2016 for the sequel.

Listening: Last week the new album of the duo the bird and the bee, Recreational Love, came out. The album as a whole is a wonderfully light and airy indie-pop (somewhat tropicalia too) style album. Whilst I recommend listening to the entirety of the album in order because it has a interesting cohesiveness, the standout songs for me are Lovey Dovey, Young and Dumb and Los Angeles.

Eating: Even though I have mentioned them before Ed's Easy Diner deserves another mention this week because while shopping for my sister's birthday present I stopped off to get one of their famous milkshakes (believe me I have said for years they are worth the hype). I drank an Oreo and malt shake but I also love the mint chocolate shake (add malt though).

Doing: This past week I finally took the plunge, after months of build up, and got my septum pierced. I don't know why I waited so long to get it done because I was never scared that it would hurt, which it didn't really, but now I have it done I absolutely love how it looks (despite my dad telling me I reminded him of a bull).

Loving: Tumblr. I run a high fashion/designer/model based blog on tumblr and despite using it regularly this week I have spent every spare moment I have searching new blogs and posts to reblog. I have also spent time this week recoding my theme so it is minimalist and maybe actually quite beautiful (I have too much free time obviously).

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 12

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: All the bright places by Jennifer Niven. This book is about two teenagers who meet on the bell tower of their school both thinking about jumping off. While this book is a little bit contrived and some of the situations written into the story are totally ridiculous it was an interesting read and I really enjoyed some of the imagery created by the author.

Listening: I've been really into a whole different selection at the moment so I couldn't just pick one song or artist (although I have been loving Florence & the Machine's new album) so I created a new Spotify playlist called Los Angeles which I cannot stop listening to. It is a mix of everything so there should be something you like in it.

Eating: I have been trying to eat more healthily at the moment because my training for my half marathon in October starts this month and the better I eat the better I run obviously. For this reason the other night I made an amazing prawn, ginger and chilli stir fry by just chucking random ingredients in a wok.

Doing: This past weekend I went to Wireless festival (see last post) which was an amazing experience and I got to see Nicki Minaj rap Feeling Myself (I rapped the entire thing along with her, I am that person). It was a great moment because that song requires some talent to sing and the lyrics are so clever, she really is a talented woman whatever people might say.

Loving:  My skin has been having a freak out moment recently for many reasons and so I am collecting spots like they are going out of fashion. To calm my skin down a bit I have been loving using the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush which is a really soothing peppermint mask that helps to reduce inflammation of your spots. I try to use it every other day at the moment but mostly I use it once a week just to keep everything in check.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Katy Goes Outside: Wireless Festival 2015

Last weekend my sister (pictured about getting very excited about cider) and I travelled to London to attend the Saturday and Sunday of Wireless festival in Finsbury Park. I've been to music festivals before but those were of the camp in a tent and not care what you look like as everything is covered in mud style festival (Reading 2013 I'm looking at you) so to be able to back to a comfy bed in an AirBnB every night was a blessing. It also meant that everyone looked amazing in their outfit ensembles as they had time in the morning to carefully construct it rather than just pulling random clothes out of their backpack.
The music was a really interesting array but mostly centered around urban and pop/dance music. We managed to see Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and an awesome performance by Jaydn and Willow Smith (they are way too cool for their age) amongst others. I think my favourite performance of the weekend may have been Avicii though because dancing with thousands of other people around as the sunset was an incredible experience. There was fireworks, insane light displays (see below) and so much confetti projected into the crowd which just added to the experience. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sounds like June

Sorry I have been away for a little bit, I genuinely have no excuse, time just seemed to fly past me in the last week but hopefully I can up my game and take some outfit shots for you guys soon. Right now though I have a playlist of some songs that I have essentially had on repeat all of this month. It is a bit of an odd mix but it will make your summer sound great (or at least that is the aim!)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Last days

wearing: top from new look, skirt from tesco, shoes from primark, hat & cardigan from h&m.
It's Friday June 12th which means my first year at university is officially over and I move out of my halls today (I've almost cried like three times whilst taking down photos). This year has been such a whirlwind but I have loved it and have made some amazing friends. Last week we all took a trip into Brighton together for the last time til September (some people left early) and I convinced them to take these photos for me, so thanks to Julia and Holly for standing in the middle of the road for me.
We also stumbled across this gorgeous campervan and so I obviously had to pose in front of it, then the guy who owned it came out and let me sit in it (dream come true really) which was so lovely of him.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Let's get summer ready

This Thursday marks my last exam for my first year of university and so the start of a three month long summer. This means switching up my beauty routine for long, lazy days at the beach or in the park (a pedalo on the lake is my kind of fun) and preparing my skin for an onslaught of sunshine (hopefully), salt water and chlorine.

mermaid memories...
Living near the beach, salt (and sadly sand) is a constant feature of my hair for most of the summer but when I haven't been swimming in the freezing English Channel I love to spritz some Got2b salt spray into my hair to emulate that beach swept style. I just spray some on damp hair, put it into two plaits and let it air dry because who has time for neat curls whilst you are on holiday.
I also like to switch up my scent when the days get hotter. This year I'm heading for the Body Shop Moringa body mist because it is such a light product with a gentle floral scent, nothing too over powering. It lasts all day so perfect if you are out enjoying the sunshine, no need to carry your perfume with you.
The summer is basically the only time I really think about taking care of my toes, I mean with all the sandals I will be wearing I need to make sure that my feet look presentable. I just painted my toes with this Topshop polish in Boy Next Door ready for next weekend (there is a festival in my small town and I will probably rock the bare foot look at some point). This is the perfect summer shade to go with a tan (I'm never getting one of those) but the best thing is that it lasts a really long time so I can be a bit lazy.

silky summer skin...
The thing I tend to take the most care of in the summer is my skin because the sea, sand and sun combined wreaks havoc on my dry arms and legs. For this reason I use the Body Shop coconut body butter religiously post shower (and post beach and post pool, post everything really). It has such a wonderful scent which makes me think of tropical islands. I'm really wishing I was on said tropical island to be honest.
Also from the Body Shop is my body scrub of choice, the Moringa scented scrub. This little pot of joy has the same scent as the body mist above so not as many scent clashes. Apart from that though I find it exfoliates my skin without being harsh or scratchy. Exfoliating is super important if you have been tanned as it will keep it even and hopefully stop anywhere from peeling.
Finally, on my fingers I like to head towards typical summery shades such as this nail varnish from No7 in 230 Mojo. I'm not a fan of neon's at all but this varnish gives me the colour without the need to wear sunglasses whenever I look at my hands (maybe an exaggeration).

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 11

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Zoe Suen's blog. You have most likely heard of Zoe because she is everything and her edgy, more androgynous style is amazing. Think monochromatic and oversized everything. The way she writes on her blog as well is creative and a pleasure to read.

ListeningDeep End (ft. Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne) by Coucheron. This track is definitely going to be one that I play on repeat all summer because it has that happy, electric vibe that fits perfectly with bright sunlight and lazy days on the beach. This week I have been listening to it to remind me that by next Thursday I will be free for the summer and my first year at uni will be over. My track of choice to make me dream of mojitos and champagne at pool parties (my ideal summer activity).

Eating: Sushi from Kokoro in Brighton. This is a really small Japanese restaurant which serves the BEST sushi I have ever tried (and I have sampled quite a lot in my life). They also serve huge pots of chilli ginger prawn noodles and tofu curry which me and my friends like to pick up for picnics on the beach. This has been happening a lot this week because the weather has finally warmed up so the beach is a beautiful place to be.

Doing: This will be the last week when all I can really say is revision but in my revision breaks I have watched a lot of Ben J Pierce's Youtube videos. He is a 16 year old American Youtuber and his video are honestly some of the funniest I have ever watched. He is creative, talented and unbelievably witty (see 'chicken nuggets of wisdom') so I just wonder why I never discovered him before. Seriously if you need 10 minutes of comedic relief check out a video or two of his.

Loving: Colab dry shampoo. This seems like a really lame thing to love this week but I have wanted to try this product for ages but have never actually picked it up. I am a bit of a dry shampoo junkie because washing my hair is such a bore so if I can get another day without doing it I definitely will. I got the Rio fragrance and it is seriously so much better than any other product I have used. It soaks up oil and gives great volume without any white, powdery residue (in fact it comes out completely invisible) and with a really subtle tropical fragrance which is a nice change from some other products I have tried. Just go get it.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Drinking in the brandy

wearing: top and trousers from brandy melville, shoes from primark.
 Fun fact: whilst setting up the shot to take these photos a woman came over and asked me if I was an architecture student. She wouldn't stop taking so I kind of just agreed so she would leave as the rain clouds were moving in fast. She then tried to hire me to draw up some plans for her new conservatory as she needed 'someone young with vision'. Lesson of the day is don't just agree with people to try and shorten conversations.
These photos were taken post Research Methods in Biochemistry exam so if I look frazzled then it is because I totally was. I decided to wear all Brandy Melville because 1) this outfit looks great as a whole, 2) it is the most comfy thing to wear ever and 3) it was what was hung over the back of my chair so I quickly grabbed it in between trying to memorise gel electrophoresis types.
Seriously though Brandy use the softest fabrics I have ever felt which is the best thing when it comes to clothing. I mean who wants to be uncomfortable in what they are wearing (unless it looks extra incredible). I took the chance to shop at Brandy Melville whilst in Spain because there isn't a shop anywhere near me in the UK. However next time I go to London I will probably buy the entire shop. Please for your own sake just go in and at least feel how cosy the clothing is.

'look how cute that dog is!!'

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May Instagrams

1) I went to a Pentatonix concert at the beginning of May (aka the best gig I have ever been to)
2) While I was in Birmingham I took the opportunity to spend some time in my favourite vintage shop Cow Vintage. I was overwhelmed with pretty clothes.
3) I showed you my favourite ever midi skirt at the beach (it was actually warm then).
4) After I went home I spent a day down on Poole quay with one of my best friends.
5) The view of Brownsea island from the quay.
6) Pretty new shoes (Acne style but for a broke university student like myself).
7) I got my Spain disposables developed, or what wasn't corrupted, and so had some pretty pictures of me and my sisters.
8) Spring flowers got me very excited so I had to take a picture of them.
9) My home town is so pretty when the sun is shining.

1) I spent probably too much money on some Beyoncé 7/11 merch. Absolutely no regrets though because I basically haven't taken it off for weeks.
2) I started training for my first half marathon and this trail was my first running route.
3) My friend Laura jetted off travelling YET AGAIN so I used it as an excuse for a cute #tbt from my year 11 prom in 2011.
4) Some items from a relaxing morning at home.

1) I went in on some Mexican food with my parents after seeing Pitch Perfect 2.
2) My five favourite lip products at the moment (and the only ones I really use).
3) I went out to dinner with my granny and got a bit too excited over chocolate desserts.
4) This was me trying to prove that adults can wear temporary tattoos and still look cool, this particular one came free with a tshirt I bought.
5) De-stressing before my first exam with a dark chocolate and marshmallow crepe from The Creperie in Brighton.
6) A picture from my most recent outfit post featuring essentially a tshirt of a fangirl.
7) I was excited to be back in Brighton so I portrayed this with a pretty picture of the pavilion.
8) A picture from outfit shooting where I saw a really cute dog whilst the picture was being taken.
9) The sea because you all know I love it so much. 

Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 10

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. This book is a collection of stories and essays by a Yale student who sadly died in a car crash five days after graduating. The work in the book is honestly some of the best written stuff I have ever read and her non fiction pieces seriously made me question almost everything. I was sat on a train at 9.30 in the morning having an existential crisis after reading 'Why We Care About Whales'. It is honestly one of the best things I have ever read and you need to pick it up.

Listening: Life Of The Party by Shawn Mendes. This is a really chill, acoustic-y pop song and I have listened to it about fifty times in the last five days. It was the first thing I had ever really heard of Shawn and it led me to listen to his last album...this is still my favourite but it is generally a pretty good set of songs.

Eating: At The Creperie in Brighton. This is my favourite place to go during exams because what relieves exam stress better than a dark chocolate and marshmallow crepe. Nothing that is the answer.

Doing: Spending way too much time in the library (help me!) but asides from that I'm been running a lot because I've starting training for my first ever half marathon later in the year. If you know me then you know that I've literally never run in my life so this is a big deal for me. I've also been spending a little time at the beach and in the Pavilion gardens, just generally enjoying being back in Brighton.

Loving: The Nike running app because although the woman's voice may get kind of annoying when you are dying and she chimes in to tell you that you have only completed three miles, it is actually a really motivating app. You can set a distance or just run and it will tell you your mile pace and distance run. After the run you can chart the weather, how you felt and what sort terrain you were running on. However I think my favourite part is when you turn the phone on it's side it will give you your run's in graph form. It is really encouraging to see your distance go up and up, makes me feel like I'm actually making progress.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Stressed out chic?

wearing: tshirt from superfruit, jeans from topshop, shoes from primark.
If you read my last post then you will have seen that for the last two weeks all I have wanted to wear is oversized men's tshirts and skinny jeans. I like to call it stressed uni student chic. I think it is partially that I'm spending countless hours in the library (so comfort is key) and partially because I've been looking at a lot of men's fashion. I'm inspired.
This tshirt is one of my favourites at the moment because you know black but also it's a nod to the Youtube channel Superfruit (two of the guys from Pentatonix obviously because when do I ever not talk about them).
In other news I think I've seen too many late nights in the library recently (1am should be for sleeping not learning about centrifugation) and this trend will continue for another couple of weeks until all my uni exams over and I can finally collapse into summer mode (think actual outfit posts and going outside). I honestly cannot wait.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I don't have a style

This may be a rather ramble-y post so beware.

In life people are categorised into groups a lot: whether they are a goth, a chav, a hipster or whatever a person's music, fashion and lifestyle choices often leave them with a label. I have met many people who fall pretty much perfectly into the label they have been assigned (whether by themselves or others) which makes sense because these stereotypes wouldn't be around if there wasn't someone to fit them. However, I know many people (myself included) who just don't really seem to fit anyway.

I've always been a bit of a flitter in life - moving from friendship group to friendship group, changing hairstyles every 35 seconds and having a new obsession every other week. I think it is part and parcel of having a borderline addictive personality. I find something and hook to it until sometime soon I find something else and move on (I'm glad to say this doesn't happen with friends) so I find it very hard to pin point a style within myself.

Everyone I know has music they love and music they hate, I on the other hand enjoy pretty much any genre of music you can throw at me. I mean a look at my most played songs will show you that I delve into PC music, cheesy pop, indie, folk, jazz, alternative, drum and bass, experimental pop and country on a regular basis. Many of my friends find this hard to understand because they have a genre or two that they love and pretty much stick to (that's cool for them) whilst I can put on almost any song and gleam enjoyment out of it.

The same goes for fashion I think, I move frequently from wanting a classic, androgynous, monochromatic wardrobe to wanting a boho chic wardrobe full of clashing patterns, bright colours and oversized gem rings. It is a problem that I think may fuel my shopping habit because a week after I buy something it doesn't fit my 'aesthetic' any more. I'm influenced by so many conflicting sources that my life is constantly flying between extremes.

However (there is a point I promise) I don't think I would have it any other way because I can never be pigeon holed in my choices. If someone says I only like pop music I can reel off a list of acoustic/rap/dance artists I like. If someone says I dress like a hipster I can remind them that for the last three weeks all have been inclined to wear is oversized black tshirts with slogans and ripped jeans (true story).

This post is mainly just cathartic for me but I wanted to say that you shouldn't feel pushed into one genre unless it is truly only what you like, feel free to rock out to Justin Bieber one day and to listen to Foo Fighters the next. Embrace the fact that you can slip into different versions of yourself because that is being true to yourself and allowing yourself to grow into a unique human who is influenced and enjoys whatever the hell they want. We are constantly allowed to reinvent ourselves, we can act feminine and girly one day then feel much more masculine the next. This process is part of life and if you enjoy (or even just appreciate) everything like I do then I think it allows you a lot more options.
People always say 'find your style and you will feel more confident' but I believe more in 'absorb everything and decide what you like, if you like it all then channel it all and be a person who changes daily'.

It's normal not to have a style...and it's more fun believe me.