Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My new favourite shoes

shoes from river island
I picked up these slips on from the River Island Boxing Day sale because I have been debating buying them for so long. I wasn't sure I was going to wear them much so I didn't want to pay the £35 price tag but when they were reduced to £10 how could I say no and I'm so thankful I said yes. They are so comfortable and easy to wear which is a must when I'm traipsing around my uni campus because I spend so much time walking to and from lectures. In addition the monochrome snakeskin effect perfectly compliments my entirely black wardrobe as it adds a nice level of texture. I think I really need help in jazzing up my clothes. Black on black on black can get quite same-y sometimes.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for eyes and cheeks

I picked up this palette in the Space NK boxing day sale (well technically I was internet shopping on Christmas day) and it was totally an impulse buy. I have never owned anything from Laura Mercier before even though their foundations and bases come so highly recommended. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was such a good deal so I just had to buy it and I am thoroughly impressed. The shadows are so creamy and easy to blend, they don't crease and all the shades are so pretty. The rose gold blush is one of the nicest blushes I have ever owned as it is really natural looking but gives such a wonderful shimmer to my cheeks.
If you find this palette I would say pick it up as it has some really great wearable shades and really good quality products.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

High heels, high hopes

So I decided a photoshoot with a hat on a hill would be a good idea. It was not so prepare for a set of shots of me holding it firmly onto my head. I got this awesome long tshirt (it is actually a nightdress) in the boohoo boxing day sales and for the £4 price tag I'm beyond pleased. As a person who has wanted that black Asthétiques tshirt for an age (big thanks Mitch Grassi to alerting me to such a beauty) this shirt was a beautiful second option as I definitely do not have the funds for the expensive version. As well as that the slogan 'high heels, high hopes' is so up my alley. So many of my friends begrudgingly wear heels on nights out whereas I wish I could wear them everyday (I can't unless I want to tower over 6 foot daily and look highly uncomfortable on my walk to uni).

wearing: tshirt from boohoo, jeans from topshop, shoes from river island, cardigan from new look, hat from miss selfridge, coat from asos.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

People who inspired me in 2014

Now I'm not a person to idolise celebrities or anyone really but I am inspired by a lot of successful (and closer to home) people as it is their hard work that gets them where then are so I have compiled a list of a few people I have been inspired by in the last year and I'm sure I will be inspired by in the future.

1) Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley (if you didn't already know) is a Youtuber and general internet personality. I have been a follower of his for a good few years now but it is in the last two that his fanbase has really blown up. I'm really inspired by his worth ethic as he is always working on a new creative project and works hard to achieve what he wants, he is not afraid to be himself. However, for me, one of the most inspiring things about him is how he uses his platform and viewership to raise awareness of issues that are close to his heart such as the Trevor Project. Last year, for his 25th birthday he raised tonnes of money for the charity and this inspires me to try and support more causes.

2) Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan is another Youtuber and he is a big inspiration for me because he is the same age as me and last year he accomplished so much. In 2014 Troye really stepped up his creativity with several videos that were completely different to anything he had ever done before. One video in particular called 'Becoming You' which really inspired me to work so much harder on this blog as it is my main creative outlet and if I'm going to do it I should throw my whole self into it.
I love following successful people my age as it reminds me that despite being young I can achieve a lot.

3) Zoe Suen
Zoe is another person my age and she the girl behind the successful fashion blog fashiononymous. I have always really admired Zoe's style and I find myself browsing her blog for inspiration fairly frequently. Aside, from that I am so motivated by her because in September she moved across the world to England and began studying a law degree and yet she still manages to run an amazing blog while studying. I often find it hard to fit time to blog around my university hours and other commitments but seeing Zoe do it so flawlessly has greatly encouraged me to work harder at it.

4) Karlie Kloss
Karlie, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful people in the world, but that is not why she inspires me. She is cool, confident and has amazing fashion sense. What I want to be in a nutshell. She is such a multi-faceted person as she models, has a cookie company, works with loads of charitys, is a VS angel and yet still has time to go to the gym/ do the ballet beautiful workout basically everyday.
She seems to be constantly doing things she enjoys and that inspires me to spend less days lying around in my pyjamas and actually get out and make things happen.

5) My best friend - Laura
I'm not only inspired by celebrities, my friends and family inspire me daily each in their own ways. Laura is such an amazing person to have a best friend and I'm proud of her everyday, She works incredibly hard, at one point she had 5 jobs as well as going to school full time so she could save to buy and run a car. She also pursues many incredible projects and does everything she can to be able to do them. I mean in a couple of weeks she is going to Bangladesh for four months to volunteer and she has fundraised the entire cost of the trip so she could go out there. Finally, she inspires me as she is so kind and caring to everyone she meets, something which I really strive to do.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Mock necks and sunsets

It's finally time for a new outfit post *sound of trumpets and party poppers exploding*. While showing my sister around Brighton recently we happened to be on the promenade during a beautiful sunset so it was time to whip out the iPhone and take a few quick shots. I have recently really been loving the mock neck cut on tops (you know not quite a turtle-neck but a little bit of neck coverage) as I think it is so flattering especially if you are slightly scared of a full high necked top.

wearing: crop top from h&m, skirt from romwe, boots from river island, coat from h! by henry holland.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

December instagrams

1) I started the month off with some generosity encouragement.
2) I then got in the Christmassy mood with sunset and singing around the Christmas tree at uni.
3) The first thing I did when I got home from uni was go out with school friends and take selfies.
4) I also instantly got stuck into some of my dad's famous curry.

1) I drove to pick my sister up from Heathrow (she is spending the uni year in Spain) for Christmas.
2) My sister's (Liz and Beki) and Lizzie's boyfriend got prepared for Christmas in our whimsical jumpers bought by our lovely mother.
3) I served up some inspiration via a John Green quote.
4) We had Christmas Day where my family constantly made vegetarian jokes at me.
5) I made my living room cosy with a present from one of my besties.
6) Me and my friend Laura spent boxing day on our local ice rink.
7) I went with my family to visit my cousins in Norfolk and we spent a beautiful day on the beach.
8) The beach again.
9) We also went on a walk around the grounds of the stately home.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Refresh // January Motivation

So it's the new year, a time when everyone can reflect on the last twelve months of their lives and think back to the best and worst moments. It is also a time when everyone creates goals for themselves, often rather vague ones, that will probably not be kept...some will though and that is what my post today is about. My ambition for 2015 is to generally be more productive and accomplish more, whether that is at uni, on this blog or at the gym. I have realised I spend way more time thinking about working than actually working. 
For this reason my January motivation is to refresh in every sense of the world. Think about the move in 2015 as a clean slate, a time to cast away old problems and projects you know aren't worth finishing. Actually book those yoga classes you were banging on about in 2014 or buy a planner and start organising your work schedule.
However for me refresh mostly refers to my outlook on life. I tend to fall into a rut of just letting weeks pass me by with out doing much interesting or productive (yet somehow still spending a lot of money) so this year I want to refresh my view and be a way more active participant in life.