Thursday, 8 January 2015

December instagrams

1) I started the month off with some generosity encouragement.
2) I then got in the Christmassy mood with sunset and singing around the Christmas tree at uni.
3) The first thing I did when I got home from uni was go out with school friends and take selfies.
4) I also instantly got stuck into some of my dad's famous curry.

1) I drove to pick my sister up from Heathrow (she is spending the uni year in Spain) for Christmas.
2) My sister's (Liz and Beki) and Lizzie's boyfriend got prepared for Christmas in our whimsical jumpers bought by our lovely mother.
3) I served up some inspiration via a John Green quote.
4) We had Christmas Day where my family constantly made vegetarian jokes at me.
5) I made my living room cosy with a present from one of my besties.
6) Me and my friend Laura spent boxing day on our local ice rink.
7) I went with my family to visit my cousins in Norfolk and we spent a beautiful day on the beach.
8) The beach again.
9) We also went on a walk around the grounds of the stately home.

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