Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Refresh // January Motivation

So it's the new year, a time when everyone can reflect on the last twelve months of their lives and think back to the best and worst moments. It is also a time when everyone creates goals for themselves, often rather vague ones, that will probably not be kept...some will though and that is what my post today is about. My ambition for 2015 is to generally be more productive and accomplish more, whether that is at uni, on this blog or at the gym. I have realised I spend way more time thinking about working than actually working. 
For this reason my January motivation is to refresh in every sense of the world. Think about the move in 2015 as a clean slate, a time to cast away old problems and projects you know aren't worth finishing. Actually book those yoga classes you were banging on about in 2014 or buy a planner and start organising your work schedule.
However for me refresh mostly refers to my outlook on life. I tend to fall into a rut of just letting weeks pass me by with out doing much interesting or productive (yet somehow still spending a lot of money) so this year I want to refresh my view and be a way more active participant in life.

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