Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Blown away

The sun has been out a bit recently so I decided it was time to find a spot and just do some plain old self timer shooting. I'm too used to my sister taking my photos for me so this was hard to do but I had to document this as for the first time in a while I actually put thought in my outfit (it is hard to outfit plan when it is raining for 3 weeks straight). I still didn't think it through properly though as today I had a three hour practical and this skirt under a buttoned up, oversized lab coat doesn't look cute let me tell you that. Science and fashion really don't mix. Anyway time to get back to marathoning Cougar Town instead of writing two lab reports.
(Also excuse the black tights I know it makes my ankles look weird and doesn't go with the skirt length but it's cold ok.)

wearing: tshirt from primark, skirt from grandma, bomber from bershka, shoes from river island.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Just sounds

I've been listening to a lot of new music recently (and finally rediscovering my love for soundcloud) so I made a playlist for me to lounge around to, basically being a duvet burrito and dreaming of halcyon summer days where I can lounge around in various bodies of water including but not limited to pools, hot tubs, the sea and random fountains. Until my dream becomes a reality her is some of my music from the last few weeks.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

A stream of consciousness

I been feeling somewhat celestial recently, which is the only word I can find that in my brain captures my current mood - half way between a fairy and backpacker if you will. Basically while I'm sat her sipping green tea I'm wishing I was travelling the world or living in a minimalistic home or stringing fairy lights everywhere I go. I'm existing perpetually in a range of fantasies during my free time but I'm sure I'll come crashing back down to earth sometime. In the meantime here is a stream of consciousness from my brain courtesy of tumblr.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

January Instagrams

So sorry that I have been horribly absent recently but I've seemed to let life start rushing past me and before I've noticed several weeks have gone past but I'm pausing dancing to the Wicked soundtrack to get back and properly blog again as I was doing exceedingly well by my standards in January.

1) My best friend and I started the New Year in the right way by getting dinner (and more importantly dessert) at Chiquitos.
2) More food at a belated Christmas dinner with some of my oldest friends before we all head back to university or otherwise.
3) Just a cute sunset really.
4) My sister testing the frozen lake on our trip to Norfolk at Christmas.
5) The sea which, along with sunsets, takes up most of my instagram.
6) This was a perfectly composed shot by my sister (completely without my help) on one of our outfit shoots when she came to visit me.
7) The view above my head while running on the South Downs.
8) A few of my favourite things during January and my favourite book of 2014.
9) A lone lunch a the creperie before one of my exams.

1) A light flare sunset shot of me.
2) Another artsy shot by my sister on our second outfit shoot.
3) Pretty view of the sea as usual.
4) How I like to lie on lazy days spent talking to friends on the phone for hours.
5) Oh look another sunset but AT LEAST this one is pink rather than orange.
6) Some of my favourite memories that cover my wardrobe as I have run out of space on my cork board.
7) The ultimate dessert ever when one of my flatmate's dads took us out for dinner.
8) My beautiful falafel burger and mojitos at said dinner.
9) A belated post of MOST of my beautiful family (minus dad and uncle) after our beach walk at Christmas. This picture means so much to me as they are the most important and treasured people in my life but I don't get to see them all too often.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lucy and Lydia // Youtubers

So I am a big fan of Youtuber vloggers and I have watched them ever since I found a Vlogbrothers video back in 2008 so I have been a part of the culture for a long time now. Over the years I have watched upwards of 150 different channels (I'm not still subscribed to all of them) and so I think I now have a good eye for videos and youtubers that I will really enjoy. In the last month I have been really getting into the videos of a 20 year old set of twins from Norwich called Lucy and Lydia. Their video genre is mainly beauty and fashion with a few 'day in the life' vlogs thrown in for good measure. I just really enjoy they way they talk about products and their bubbly personalities are so infectious (just watch their Florida vlogs if you want to see them at the height of their excitement levels). I've been having marathons of their videos recently while I get ready in the morning as I find I could probably just watch them for hours on end. If you are into these types of videos you should definitely check them out as I think they are one of the most exciting up and coming channels around at the moment.