Sunday, 1 March 2015

February instagrams

1) At the start of the month I met up with my sister and mum in London for a trip around the V&A. I especially enjoyed this piece of modern Japanese art. The wedding dress through the ages exhibit was the best part but we couldn't take photos.
2) While I was in the capital I took the obligatory 'here's the Houses of Parliament' photo.
3) I got a bit sentimental on my instagram about how much I love the beach.
4) A couple of days later I then took a cute shot of my new skirt and shoes whilst on a beach walk (shocking I know...)

1) Me and my friends took a trip to the Alice in Wonderland themed 'White Rabbit' pub and their beer, in my opinion, was pretty awesome.
2) I just thought this picture I took of my flatmates, Pedro and Holly, on the beach was pretty cool.
3) I served up a stack of sugar and lemon pancakes on shrove Tuesday to commemorate my giving up of chocolate, sweets and alcohol for Lent (it is really so hard!)
4) Me and some friends got a big sassy at predrinks (sans alcohol for me) before a night out in Brighton.
5) I discovered a restaurant called Tortilla which do the best vegetarian burritos. All my flatmates were visiting their families so I ate it alone on the beach and just after this picture was taken it started hailing. Not my favourite time to be sat on the beach.
6) The sunshine is starting to come a bit warmer and more frequent so shopping in the Laines is a lot more fun.
7) I also enjoyed the sun as I took some outfit shots in this impractical yet wonderful skirt.
8) I served up my wanderlust with a beautiful tumblr picture.
9) And finally, I ended yesterday with a visit from my mama and three courses of the most incredible vegetarian food ever at Food for Friends.


  1. Great instagram pictures! Tumblr is the worst for wanderlust, makes me wanna go to a new place every time I see a pretty picture!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Lovely little insight into your life! Ooh, I too would have instagrammed that Japanese if I'd seen it - it looks like my kinda art! Also, fair play for giving up all those things for Lent: chocolate, sweets AND alcohol?!

    Claire //

  3. Holly O'Boyle1 March 2015 at 22:31

    Cool pics! I'd love to see the Wedding dress exhibition - sounds awesome!! xx

  4. It really was awesome. They had some through the ages then they had recent ones like Gwen Stefani's and Kate Moss' which was so cool.

  5. Yes the Japanese art was so cool. I really love minimalist glass sculpture as it is art that you could definitely have in your home.