Monday, 2 March 2015

Red lip wearing, green juice drinking

Can we first address how bad I am at remembering to take blog photos. It is currently 11pm and I have been using five light sources to get these photos. I mean I had to borrow a lamp off my flatmate while she was trying to sleep...and no before you ask these photos could not wait til tomorrow because speaking honestly I would have forgotten again until the sun was way past the horizon. I just think being an night person and blogging don't really mesh well together.

Anyway these are few of my current favourites -

42 juice - This shop is just my dream and I'm so glad I now live in Brighton because back in Bournemouth I'm pretty sure there isn't a huge market for a juice shop. I say that knowing that a year ago I wouldn't even have dreamed of drinking liquid greens (I had barely even forayed into green tea back then). Nowadays every time I go into town I have to pick a couple up because they are so refreshing and such a great, healthy alternative to drinking water. This one is the I am Little but I really prefer the I am Skinny juice.
Cath Kidston - More specifically this wonderful cloud print. My mum came to visit me and we spend our time eating amazing veggie food at Food for Friends and buying everything in Waterstones but we had time for a trip to the Cath Kidston shop. I got really over excited at their new cloud print because it is such a change to the usual florals and my mum was kin enough to buy me this adorable mug in the print (still coveting the ironic sunny day cloud print umbrella though). Then in the sale we saw these cute Sealyham dog print socks and because you can never have too many novelty socks we had to pick them up

Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in On and On Bronze - I've had this bad boy for an age but I've recently got back into it after a long stint with matte eyes. I love how easy it is to just sweep over you lid, blend and be done. I mean with this who needs a crease colour anyway? Not me that is for sure.
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 01 - Putting aside my hate for the fact that this lipstick has no colour names it really has no faults. It is the perfect true red to suit my skin tone and it even lights my face up amazing which my other beloved Kate Moss lipstick, 107, unfortunately doesn't do (that may be due to the darkness though). This has been all I have reached for recently.

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