Monday, 9 March 2015

Spring is coming

March is well and truly under way, the flowers are blooming everywhere and here in it is now warm enough to at least entertain the idea of going outside for more than 10 minutes at a time. I mean over the weekend I even went on a 10 mile hike to  nearby village and back without a coat in sight. All this season change means that my beauty picks are shifting into a new phase as well - by that I mean all pink.

Step outside and smell the daisies..
This time of year sees the return of wearing my favourite fragrance Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This edition is the Eau So Fresh scent which personally is my favourite of the lot as it is delicate yet slightly brighter that the original. I've been trying out a lot of new skincare in the last couple of weeks because my skin needs all the help it can get at the moment. This Radiance Concentrate Serum from the Boots botanics range has worked wonders on brightening up my dull and dehydrated skin which is basically just what I need. Also, in terms of nails I have been non-stop wearing Fiji by Essie (which is incidentally my favourite nail polish shade of all time) because the shade is such a pale pink that it makes even my pretty much white hands look sort of tanned. It's a miracle to get my skin to appear to have any colour really.

Pretty in pink...
Pink for spring ingenious I know but bear with me, please, This sleek blush in Rose Gold is the most glorious shade because it gives a rose gold shimmer (duh, way to state the obvious Katy) but it is subtle enough that when I go into direct sunlight I don't look like I rubbed my face in a child's glitter pot. Not a good look, I've been there. Speaking of subtle shimmer I was given this Ted Baker highlighter an age ago and I have recently started using it everyday. Spring = dewy skin for lots of people and this product does it for me. Finally I've been wearing this Revlon Matte Balm in 205 Elusive recently and it is really unlike me because I normally either wear a nude lip or a bright red one. Bright pink lipsticks have always scared me as I'm afraid I will look like a Barbie but this shade, although it is very pigmented, is light enough that it doesn't terrify me.


  1. I love Daisy and I am obsessed with that blush you have :)

  2. I'm in love with that rose gold blush, what brand is it from?

  3. Ooh rose gold is so pretty, I love Sleek blushes! :)

  4. I love Daisy, its such a good scent for spring!!!

  5. I know Sleek blushes are awesome because they are such good quality but so cheap.

  6. It's from the brand Sleek. The blushes are really affordable but have the quality of a high end product which I love.