Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 1

Sundays are kind of an odd day, sort of rounding off the week, sort of preparing for the week ahead but I think they are the perfect day for 1) eating breakfast in bed, 2) reading magazines or books by my window an 3) tidying up all the mess I make while studying during the week. I've also decided it is now the perfect day to round up a few things I been reading/eating/doing etc in the previous seven days.

Reading - I just finished The Humans by Matt Haig and I can honestly say it was one of the best books I have ever read. It's about a alien who is sent to earth to go into the body of a man who has just discovered the mathematical secret of the universe in order to kill anyone who he may have told as the alien race doesn't want the humans to understand the world. It is really uniquely written with one or two page chapters and really witty dialogue. Also the message of it is just so enlightening and clever. I seriously recommend you look it up and read it because it is much more that I have described I promise.

Listening - I have really got into the artist Aurora because her music is quite ethereal and just really calming so it is perfect to do uni work to.

Eating - I have been on a slight health kick recently because I've given up alcohol, chocolate and sweets for lent so I thought now would be a perfect time but I did take a sneaky trip to Cloud 9 bakery in Brighton and I bought a couple of their cupcakes. I have discovered how incredibly amazing their peanut butter and sated caramel cupcake is. I wanted to buy a whole box of ten but I just about restrained myself.

Doing - University work has taken up most of my time this week because my term mostly finished this week so I had to complete all my final assignments so that I could hand them in early and go home on this Wednesday. I have finally learnt that emailing tutors and lecturers is the most useful thing, shame it too me my entire fresher year to discover that.

Loving - So all the flowers are now out on campus and all over the South Downs and it is the prettiest thing. It makes me so happy to see so many bursts of colour all over the place and flowers are so beautiful. I can't wait to buy some for the vase in my room when I go home next week.

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  1. Did you say peanut butter and salted caramel cupcakes??? They sound incredible! x