Monday, 16 March 2015

Wes Anderson dreams

wearing: top from zara, cardigan and boots from h&m, jeans from topshop, lipstick is rimmel kate moss 01.
This year as I'm trying to blog a lot more I'm also trying to be more confident taking photos on my own in public. When my sister is around there is no problem as having someone behind the camera makes the whole situation seem a lot more normal. However, as soon as I set up a tripod on the street and stand in front of it I always feel like people are watching me and think I'm weird. As of 2015 I am attempting to ignore it and stop it bothering me because to be honest I bet they really don't care that much and even if they do I will probably never see them again. 
Brighton has so many Wes Anderson-esque streets such as this one  and I was determined to face my fear and get some nicer photos. I'm really proud of how these turned out but I really need to smile in photos more. I have such a sad looking resting face which is really exaggerated in these photos so I'm sorry.


  1. I feel awkward even when someone is behind the camera, so props to you for doing it alone! I really love this outfit. Especially your jeans, i've been looking for a good pair of ripped skinny jeans!


  2. I feel awkward but I do it anyway because the backgrounds are too pretty not to. These skinny jeans are my favourite and I only ever wear this style from Topshop because I love them so much.

  3. I love this Katy!! And the location is perf. CAN I MOVE TO UK ALREADY

  4. YES. Come live with me and we can take pretty pictures in places like this all the time!

  5. this is very Wes Anderson. Love it

    xx Sarah

    Russian Dressing

  6. Girl I feel ya I HATE taking photos outside. Which is probably why there hasn't been an outfit post on my blog in about a bajillion years. Anyhow, you look really cute!


  7. I adore Wes Anderson.
    Loving the coloured houses.

    Jenn |

  8. Nice photos :) Lovely wall