Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dodie Clark // Youtubers

Today is Dodie Clark's 20th birthday and it made me realise that I had never featured her on my blog and that was a big mistake that needed to be rectified. I've been watching Dodie from the very beginning and it is crazy to see how people my age can be so talented. I mean her voice is so unique and her original songs are the kind that can create entire worlds in your mind. It's a truly magical combination when combined with how much of a sweetheart she is. I got the chance to meet her before Christmas in Brighton and honestly it was like meeting an old friend. She made me laugh a lot as we escaped the cold by pretending we could afford to shop in Urban Outfitters.
The Youtube community is such that the content creators are usually somewhat older than me but most of the audience is a lot younger so I often feel stuck in the middle, especially as have watched or even known some youtubers for years. Dodie is a welcome bridge to that gap which is why I find her so easy to binge watch...that and I like to dance around to her ukulele covers.
You really need to watch her if you never have before and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dodie. Keep rocking even though you are no longer a teenager.

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