Saturday, 4 April 2015

March Instagrams

It's that time of the month again so let's recap my month via the medium of highly edited instagram photos. Let me warn you this month I have a lot.

1) Things I bought/was gifted by mum when she came to stay right at the end of February.
2) Frolicking around on the South Downs in one of my favourite dresses, celebrating the sunshine.
3) I discovered some new colourful streets at the beginning of the month and so I took a lot of pictures of them.
4) I worked hard at uni during March so copious cups of green tea in cute mugs was needed.
5) The Clo Clothes pop up shop in Brighton was the cutest and I can't wait to wear these handmade shorts when I go to Spain at the end of April.
6) I hiked 10 miles to a cute village one Saturday and these flowers were everywhere,
7) Mint green house of my dreams.
8) A lot of trips to Beyond Retro occurred this month, I'm still looking for the perfect pair of flairs though.
9) I blogged about pink beauty things I'm loving for spring, feauturing Taylor's Vogue shoot.

1) I started to really miss summer during March so I had a #tbt to summers spend surfing in Cornwall.
2) Brighton is so damn cute all the time.
3) I found the roadtrip van I've always wanted. Can it be mine please?
4) In March I discovered an amazing home shop in Brighton called Workshop (Thank you Suzie of HelloOctober).

1) The sun appeared a bit during March and it just makes everything a bit prettier.
2) In the middle of the month I finally braved the streets of Brighton for a solo outfit shoot.
3) I spend a lot of quality time in March with my three cacti: Ed, Edd and Eddy (props to you if you get that reference!).
4) Pretty houses and cars is a frequent occurrence where I live but I can't help but always instagram them.
5) I gave up chocolate and sweets for lent but I had to get my sugar kick somewhere so I chose salted caramel and peanut butter cupcakes from cloud 9 bakery.
6) At the end of the month I spent a weekend with a friend who lives in Hertford and she took me to a really cute cafe/restaurant. The soup was to die for!
7) We then stumbled into a tree tunnel that looked like it came straight out of the Maleficent set when we went on a country walk.
8) We spend a lot of time by the river duck spotting so I had to document how pretty it looked.
9) Finally on the last day of the month we went on a country walk to this sculpture called the egg which Sarah proceeded to climb and pester me to take a picture of her. I happily obliged when her silhouette looked this good. 

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  1. The second photo is very cute. Definitely will try this kind of post idea too <3