Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 2

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Woman's Fitness because I really need the motivation to work out at the moment, I think being home and so away from the uni gym may be a large contributing factor. This magazine is great because it mixes easy workouts, healthy foods and cute workout gear (I feel like this is the most important part of working out).

Listening: Moules Frites by Stromae. I've never really listened to much music from artists who don't sing in English but Stromae's French rapping/electronic music is one of the most infectious things I have listened to. I keep searching for any tour dates he is doing in the UK and he is playing Wireless this year so I am so tempted to go.

Eating: So many mini eggs. Enough said.

Doing: Last Thursday I took a trip to Bath to go to the Thermae Spa with my sisters because we were all in need of some relaxation. It was such a lovely day and eating chocolate cheesecake in a spa robe is essentially a dream come true.

Loving: The TV show The Flash. I'm so bad with keeping up with TV shows as I just forget and then the episodes build up on me. This week I've been at home on Easter break so I took a day to catch up with the rest of season and it was incredible. I have such a crush on Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen now.


  1. Nice post :) I would love to live in England too :)

    Feel free to visit my blog too:)



  2. Lovely list! :)<3