Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 5

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Well most of the week I read nothing as I broke my kindle in the process of trying to get it to Spain but I did read A Work In Progress by Connor Franta in three hours the day I got back. Let me tell you this is an incredible read even if you don't expect it to be. Although it is technically a memoir it is written in such a way that there are some really inspiring creative lessons to be learnt from it.

Listening: Lonely People by Orla Gartland. Her music is right up my acoustic/chilled out street and this song just puts me in an instantly happy mood.

Eating: Takeaway boxes from Foodillic in Brighton. I have barely been in my university flat this week (what with being in Spain and all) so when I was I had no food and I always ended up at Foodillic because their food is idyllic (get the name duh) and there is just so much healthy food to choose from.

Doing: Exploring Valencia (HOW MANY TIMES CAN I MENTION SPAIN IN ONE BLOG POST) and I had a really amazing time visiting my sister where she is living for the year. A highlight was actually going out of the city and going to a town called Xativa. We were there to visit the castle which was up on the hill and had absolutely beautiful views of all the surrounding areas. Obviously the history was fascinating as well.

Loving: The Clinique Take The Day Off balm. There is nothing like going on a trip with only hand luggage (so not being able to take this) what makes you appreciate good skincare when you are back. I've been using it for 4 months now and nothing has ever taken my makeup off so easily whilst cleansing and cleaning my skin thoroughly. I mean it is wonderfully gentle as so well what more could you want?

ALSO, stay tuned for a few Spain related post coming your way, I'm very excited for them.


  1. Glad to here you had a great time in Spain! I really want to try the Clinique take the day off balm, have heard amazing things! x

  2. that food place sounds amazing!

    from helen at

  3. It really is amazing and find that the big pots last forever