Thursday, 30 April 2015

Valencia photo diary

For five days in Valencia I took a LOT of pictures so editing down to a manageable post was has taken a bit of time. I still have loads of film photos to develop too so expect more pictures being shoved onto your computer screen in the near future. It was a pretty short trip but we managed to pack quite a lot in including wandering around the city of arts and sciences, eating a lot of froyo, visiting a hill castle in Xativa, climbing the cathedral town an just generally exploring the city of Valencia. It was a place I had never been too before so having a sister who has lived there for 9 months (as so thus was an excellent tour guide) was a massive bonus as she could take us to all of her favourite places.


  1. Katy Ferenczy1 May 2015 at 11:38

    It was such a pretty place, much nicer than I was expecting.

  2. You look so cute in the first photo! Valencia looks beautiful!

  3. Wow Valencia looks amazing!! I dream to go there one day. Btw, my name is Gail. Hope we could be friends. :)