Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April Instagrams

So in April I got a little bit snap happy, I think it may have been the good weather and then my trip to Spain (where there was more good weather). Without further ado here is my April Instagrams.

1) We went to the smallest pub in Bath and had pies and mash that were the best. I was obsessed.
2) You have to take a selfie in the expensive spa robes don't you.
3) Pretty floors make my day (little things eh)
4) Bath is such a gorgeous place to wander around.
5) The sunsets are phenomenal in my home town, this is why I love where I grew up
6) Chilling outside the Easter house.
7) Me and my mum working the camera in my home town.
8) I went to a dinner party at my friend's house and she homemade the guacamole which is just my dream.
9) I spent an evening sitting in a tree after a great barbecue with friends.

1) Taking outfit photos on Hove beachfront.
2) The sea was so pretty that I had to take a picture of a stranger standing in it.
3) The west pier is such a classic Brighton landmark and I love seeing it out in the sea.
4) It was a hot day so I wandered back through the North Laine and had to get some of the best fudge I've ever tasted.
5) The air pollution was gross but it did make for a pretty sight when I couldn't see where the sea ended and the sky started.
6) I got one of the new candyfloss ice teas from Bluebird tea company.
7) My favourite part of flying is watching all the landscape flow beneath you and the flight to Valencia was no exception.
8) I caught some rays on the Spanish beaches.
9) My sisters and I drank wine in the coolest tent (it was inside a building) ever.

1) Pretty floors again (such a cliché I know).
2) Nothing like palms to tell you that you are in a hot country.
3) I got a little bit too excited when my sister showed me all this astrological equipment in the city of arts and sciences. I loved using the sun to work out the date and other such activities.
4) We ate chocolate ganache tarts and green tea at this beautiful cafe in the Rufaza area of Valencia.

1) We walked up to the top of the cathedral (there were SO many stairs) but the view was so worth it.
2) We kind of snuck into an open air club because pretty palm trees.
3 & 4) We climbed up a giant hill to a beautiful castle which had amazing views of craggy rocks and hillsides.
5) The city of arts and sciences was like future city.
6) A product of my shooting earlier in the month.
7) Had  day in bed processing all the photos from Spain and doing uni work.
8) Another photo from Spain: with my sister's enjoying the Spanish architecture.
9) Bubbles from a street performer over a sunny Brighton.

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