Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I don't have a style

This may be a rather ramble-y post so beware.

In life people are categorised into groups a lot: whether they are a goth, a chav, a hipster or whatever a person's music, fashion and lifestyle choices often leave them with a label. I have met many people who fall pretty much perfectly into the label they have been assigned (whether by themselves or others) which makes sense because these stereotypes wouldn't be around if there wasn't someone to fit them. However, I know many people (myself included) who just don't really seem to fit anyway.

I've always been a bit of a flitter in life - moving from friendship group to friendship group, changing hairstyles every 35 seconds and having a new obsession every other week. I think it is part and parcel of having a borderline addictive personality. I find something and hook to it until sometime soon I find something else and move on (I'm glad to say this doesn't happen with friends) so I find it very hard to pin point a style within myself.

Everyone I know has music they love and music they hate, I on the other hand enjoy pretty much any genre of music you can throw at me. I mean a look at my most played songs will show you that I delve into PC music, cheesy pop, indie, folk, jazz, alternative, drum and bass, experimental pop and country on a regular basis. Many of my friends find this hard to understand because they have a genre or two that they love and pretty much stick to (that's cool for them) whilst I can put on almost any song and gleam enjoyment out of it.

The same goes for fashion I think, I move frequently from wanting a classic, androgynous, monochromatic wardrobe to wanting a boho chic wardrobe full of clashing patterns, bright colours and oversized gem rings. It is a problem that I think may fuel my shopping habit because a week after I buy something it doesn't fit my 'aesthetic' any more. I'm influenced by so many conflicting sources that my life is constantly flying between extremes.

However (there is a point I promise) I don't think I would have it any other way because I can never be pigeon holed in my choices. If someone says I only like pop music I can reel off a list of acoustic/rap/dance artists I like. If someone says I dress like a hipster I can remind them that for the last three weeks all have been inclined to wear is oversized black tshirts with slogans and ripped jeans (true story).

This post is mainly just cathartic for me but I wanted to say that you shouldn't feel pushed into one genre unless it is truly only what you like, feel free to rock out to Justin Bieber one day and to listen to Foo Fighters the next. Embrace the fact that you can slip into different versions of yourself because that is being true to yourself and allowing yourself to grow into a unique human who is influenced and enjoys whatever the hell they want. We are constantly allowed to reinvent ourselves, we can act feminine and girly one day then feel much more masculine the next. This process is part of life and if you enjoy (or even just appreciate) everything like I do then I think it allows you a lot more options.
People always say 'find your style and you will feel more confident' but I believe more in 'absorb everything and decide what you like, if you like it all then channel it all and be a person who changes daily'.

It's normal not to have a style...and it's more fun believe me.


  1. Andrea Pauline Panaligan28 May 2015 at 05:59

    I love this so much - this has got to be my favorite post from you so far! I think we're all pressured to fit into a category because it makes it easier for those around us to identify us, so we shred all diversity and stick to one label. We're not as one-sided as we think we are and I applaud you for standing up and pointing it out. That's why I always look forward to your outfit posts - I never know what to expect from you, and I guess that's what keeps us the readers on our toes. Great job!! x

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Maireem Maneje29 May 2015 at 08:21

    Wonderful post :)

  4. Ajnira Muminovic29 May 2015 at 09:23

    Oh tell me about it, I have style swings every 2 seconds ..